Identification Automation

100% Traceability & Identification Automation

Auto-applying your identification, is not only fast and efficient, it reduces human error (poka-yoke) and compliments your automated inspection systems. Brady’s automated identification solutions ensure 100% traceability and consistent quality.

Product Overview

Automatic Label Finder Feeder
ALF Feeder
Fast, efficient and easy to use, the ALF label Feeder offers automated label application at affordable prices. Labels are simply treated like any other component and placed with the accuracy of your pick and place machine. Its compact and durable design allows for flexibility and simplicity, bringing automated traceability within everyone’s reach.

BSP61 Print & Apply System
BSP61 Print & Apply System
The BSP61 Print & Apply System offers a fully automatic labelling solution anywhere along the production line. It combines a thermal transfer label printer with an automatic applicator, combining precision, versatility and high print quality. The BSP™ 61 is designed to consistently print and accurately position and apply labels to PCB’s, components and products in high quality demanding industries.
THT Printer
Thermal Transfer Printers
Brady offers a comprehensive range of printers for small or large volumes. Our printers can handle a variety of media and offer resolutions from 200dpi to 600dpi. Brady’s identification solutions experts will assist you in using the optimal thermal transfer printer for your needs.
Brady Scanner
Data Capture
Depending on your application, you might require handheld, fixed position or networked, wireless data capture devices – Brady’s experts can identify your exact requirements and recommend the best data-capture solution for your production environment. Brady’s experts can work with you to define the right configuration for your application.
Automation Software
Brady’s automated identification solutions can be operated using your own ERP system. Integrating and fully automating identification makes fast component traceability possible. Brady also offers software packages Codesoft™ and Labelmark™ to operate your automated identification solution.