Brady Workstation Apps Overview

The new & simple way to think about App-based label creation on your PC!

The latest in label creation software, Brady Workstation has revolutionised the way you create labels on your PC. Instead of using a CD to upload label-making software on your computer, you simply download the Brady Workstation platform to your desktop and add the label-creation apps you want.

It’s built to be simple, with a variety of easy-to-use apps for several applications. Each app walks users through the necessary steps to efficiently create your own signs, pipe markers, lockout procedures and labels, giving you time to spare for other projects. It also includes built-in regulations and standards to help you stay compliant.

Brady Workstation Apps

BWS CLP Labels

CLP/GHS Labels App

The CLP/GHS label app enables you to easily align with the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). Upload and store your safety data sheet information in the app for use in your CLP label design. Export the data to reuse it in other applications or import the data using the predelivered MS Excel sheet.

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BWS Lockout Writer

Lockout Writer App

Quickly create visual lockout/tagout procedures, tags and labels. The Lockout Writer app includes procedure printing templates, simple translations and easy image editing. Communicate your lockout procedures accurately and visually to help save lives!

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BWS Data Automation

Data Automation App

Brady Workstation Data Automation enables you to easily integrate automated label printing in your workplace. Once set up, automatically import data from your systems to predefined labels and print them without human interaction!

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BWS Print Partner

Print Partner App

Brady Workstation Print Partner enables you protect label designs from undesired changes. Print Partner allows the completion of label designs with data and protects the label designs themselves for compliancy, efficiency or quality reasons.

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BWS Express Signs

Express Signs App

With the Express Signs App, you can create your safety signs in no time. Simply pick a template, enter your information adjust the layout and see the preview.


BWS Pipe Marking

CLP Pipe Marker App

Easily design pipe markers compliant with the standard you use. Customise, save and reuse your pipe marker templates whenever you need to. Create either a CLP Pipe marker or the roll form format with just a few clicks.


BWS Arrow Tape

Arrow Tape App

With the Arrow Tape App, you can easily create strips of repeated arrows or icons for your pipe markers so you can indicate flow direction on your pipes.


BWS Custom Designer

Custom Designer App

The Custom Designer App enables you to create any sign and label from scratch. Designed to be easy and intuitive, you can quickly create text objects, add barcodes or import images and pictograms in your signs and labels.


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