Faster cable sleeve identification


Cable sleeves are a durable solution to keep wires and cables identified in challenging conditions. But applying a cable sleeve to hundreds of cables can be quite time-consuming. Brady offers the new BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator to increase cable sleeve application speed and to reduce application cost.

Apply up to 10 seconds faster

Experience the benefits of the BSP45 Automated Sleeve Applicator at your facility:

  • Fast. 6-10 seconds faster than manual labeling.
  • Easy. Eliminate the tedious, repetitive task of manual application that can lead to bottlenecks and repetitive motion injuries.
  • Cost Effective. Save labor time and resources with quicker, automated application.
  • Easy-to-Use. Automatically removes sleeves from liner, opens them so a cable can be inserted, and applies them with the touch of a pedal from the operator.
  • Reliable. Durable construction for high-volume, long term use.

Automatically pick and apply

The BSP45 is designed to remove pre-printed sleeves from their carrier and to squeeze them so a cable can easily be inserted by an operator. 

By stepping on an attachable foot pedal, the BSP45 will release the cable sleeve and pick the next pre-printed sleeve from the sleeve carrier. 

Cable sleeves can be printed on-site before they are applied with Brady’s BP PR+ or BPP™72 Printer.

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Intensive cable sleeve users

The BSP45 has been developed primarily for intensive cable sleeve users in aerospace, defense and rail industries and for harness shops and panel builders for the chemical, oil and gas industries. However, everyone who uses a fair amount of cable sleeves will definitely be able to enjoy the faster application time offered by the BSP™45 Automated Sleeve Applicator.

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