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Lockout Tagout - Ready to go

Offer until June 30

Each Lockout/Tagout bag is designed to carry a number of Lockout/Tagout padlocks and/or devices in order to easily get to the machinery that needs servicing. And with the free digital Best Practice Lockout/Tagout Training programme you will truly be ready to professionally start using Lockout/Tagout.

These free extra tools will enable you to start right away!**

LOTO promo Personal Belt Pouch
LOTO promo Lockout Satchel - Best practice training
LOTO promo Personal Belt Pouch

* Promo valid until June 30, 2017. All Prices exclude VAT. ** Provided your company has approved Lockout/Tagout procedures ready that indicate which energy points need to be locked out, and which steps you need to follow.

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