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Floor marking solutions are ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations, and pointing out important safety equipment. Brady offers a range of durable floor marking tapes.

ToughStripe product range

ToughStripe™ floor tape is a great tool in both safety and lean applications. It offers superior durability, easy application and high visibility. Plus, it withstands forklift traffic better than other tape-based floor marking products!

  • Flexible - easy to replace
  • Ready made shapes
  • Removable in one piece
  • High gloss surface shines like new paint
  • Easy to clean.
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Anti-Skid product range

Anti-Skid tape helps to prevent slipping and falling on wet or slippery floors. The rugged polyester tape is adhesive backed and coated with thousands of durable aluminium oxide grit particles to prevent slips & falls.

  • Works indoor & outdoor
  • Withstands grease and oil
  • Available in black, green, orange, red, white, yellow, transparent
Anti-Skid Tape

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Application and maintenance tips for your floor marking tape

Clean the current surface

  • Use a heat gun to help remove current material
  • Use a citrus based industrial cleaner to soften adhesive residue before scraping

Prepare specific surfaces

  • Bare metal: use a solvent wipe
  • Painted metal or plastic/painted (sealed) wood/epoxy coated floor: use a solvent wipe, wash and rinse, dry thoroughly
  • Rough or smooth porous concrete: wash and rinse, dry thoroughly, prime coat is recommended
  • Painted or coated smooth concrete: wash and rinse, dry thoroughly
  • Vinyl tile/marble/terrazzo/ceramic: wash and rinse, dry thoroughly
  • Quarry tile: wash and rinse, dry thoroughly, prime coat is recommended

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Apply floor marking tape

  • Check if the surface is clean, dry and at recommended temperature
  • Use a rubber hand roller to apply the material firmly
  • Apply heavy pressure when well positioned
  • Do not apply materials over grouting. Avoid cracks in concrete and breaks in all surfaces.

Maintain floor marking tape

  • Inspect the floor marking periodically
  • Keep it free of dirt and other residue
  • Brush, broom and mop regularly (anti-skid)
  • Use appropriate cleaners to keep material and surrounding surface dirt and grease free (anti-skid)

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