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B-7727 product specifications

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Improve production continuity with the great accuracy and pick-up rate of the B-7727 polyimide auto-apply traceability label.

Highly reliable

The B-7727 polyimide auto-apply label has been developed to reduce adhesive bleed risk, a common issue in auto-apply systems. Adhesive bleed may occur in extreme conditions and can reduce the reliability of an auto-apply labelling system to the point of an unplanned production stop. The B-7727 auto-apply label offers a highly reduced adhesive bleed risk and, as a consequence, increased label accuracy and pick-up rate which improves production continuity.


Auto-Apply Label

The B-7727 auto-apply traceability label works great in PCB identification, in electronics pre-process identification and in these more general contexts:

  • high temperature applications
  • extreme washing/agressive cleaning applications
  • auto-apply equipment
  • top or bottom label placement
  • surface mount and through-hole assembly

Print and apply on-site

The B-7727 auto-apply traceability label works seamlessly with the BSP™61 Print and Apply System, the ALF Label Feeder and other auto-apply systems. Together they provide a reliable and flexible on-site traceability solution for high heat applications in manufacturing. The B-7727 label is part of Brady’s UltraTemp™ Series which now includes 10 polyimide traceability labels with a strong heat resistance.

Improve your production continuity with the B-7727 auto-apply traceability label.

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