Protect PCB's with auto-apply masking film

The B-7634 masking film for PCB's offers excellent protection during electronic manufacturing processes, inluding wave soldering and hot air levelling. The polyimide masking film is ideal for auto-apply and can be removed cleanly.

Protective film

Brady's B-7634 masking film is a thin, amber polyimide protective material. It offers great protection for PCB's, components and throughholes during high heat manufacturing processes, wave soldering and hot air levelling. The film is equipped with a removable silicone adhesive to stay attached firmly during manufacturing processes, while also being easy to remove without leaving any residue behind. The B-7634 masking film further completes Brady's automated printed circuit board identification offer which includes durable identification labels, label feeders and printer/applicators.

Auto-apply for increased efficiency

The polyimide masking film is designed for auto-apply with common pick and place machines in combination with the fully automated label guidance system of the modular ALF14 Label Feeder. Together with the masking film's ability to stay attached throughout PCB production, its auto-apply options can significantly increase PCB production efficiency.

Ideal for high heat applications

B-7634 die-cut polyimide masking film offers great value in electronic processes like PCB masking during wave soldering and in multilayer PCB production. The auto-apply protective film is also valuable in other manufacturing processes, including hot dip galvanising, high temperature powder coating and automotive sensor and manifold production. In a continuous tape format, the film is ideal to insulate and protect wires against the extreme conditions encountered in aerospace and wind turbine industries.

Protect PCB's in production with the B-7634 auto-apply poyimide film.

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