Activate your BMP61 custom label

BMP61 - How to guide: Custom Labels


Download the 'BMP61 Custom Labels: How to guide' as a PDF

Check your BMP61 database version

  • Power up your BMP61 Label Printer
  • Press and hold the FUNCTION + SETUP keys on your BMP61
  • Select the Config option and press ENTER or touch ‘Config’ on screen
  • The current installed B&Y database version is shown in the lower right corner


Check your database version

Upgrade your BMP61 database:

  • Download & extract the BMP61 B&Y Database Update zipfile on a USB flash drive
  • Power up your BMP61 Label Printer
  • Insert the USB flash drive in your BMP61 Label Printer
  • The following screen will show the file version on the printer, and the version on the USB flash drive

Upgrade your database version

  • Select the files you want to install
  • Select ‘Upgrade’ and press enter, or touch ‘Upgrade’ on the screen
  • The following screen will prompt you to confirm the upgrade. Select ‘Yes’ to continue.

Upgrade your database version

  • The following screen asks if you want to delete the B&Y files from your USB flash drive. Select ‘Delete’ if all your BMP61 Label Printers have been updated. Select ‘Ignore’ if you want to update another BMP61 Label Printer.

Upgrade your database version

Your BMP61 Label Printer is now ready to print your custom material!

Really want to get the best out of your printer? Then also check for latest firmware.


Don't forget to register your printer! After registering your BMP61 Label Printer, you will have access to Technical support, notifications of upgrades, special offers and product announcements!

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