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Laser engravable polyimide traceability label

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The laser engravable B-730 auto-apply polyimide label from Brady is designed to increase the legibility of barcodes lasered on printed circuit boards and complex surfaces. Thanks to increased contrast, barcodes lasered on the label are easier to scan, which leads to reduced waste in supply chains with stringent traceability requirements.

High contrast barcodes

The B-730 polyimide laser engravable label offers reliable barcode legibility, regardless of the subsurface that needs to be identified. The durable label, with a black matt finish, shows white markings after lasering which optimises barcode and serialisation contrast. It also makes the label very suitable for extremely small fonts and complex prints that can be generated by lasers.

Laser Engraveable Label B-730

Reduced waste

The B-730 polyimide label can reduce scrap in supply chains that need to comply with traceability requirements. Barcodes lasered on the B-730 label are easier to read for scanners compared to direct part marking, which leads to reduced waste. Because of its increased barcode legibility this, the B-730 label can also improve data mining in smart factories that use lasers to mark products.

Perfect for auto-apply

The B-730 laser engravable polyimide traceability label features an ultra-thin yet durable permanent adhesive that can resist high temperatures and aggressive chemicals, while avoiding adhesive bleed to reduce the risk of unplanned production stops. Specifically developed for auto-apply systems, the label is highly reliable and offers increased accuracy and pick up rate.

Increase laser engraving barcode and marking legibility with our new polyimide traceability label.