Extreme wash resistant PCB traceability label

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As PCB designs become tighter and more complex, increasingly harsh cleaning processes and agents are used in assembly. Brady’s B-777 polyimide label is designed to stay attached and remain legible to enable traceability throughout multiple harsh wash cycles.

Traceability in harsh wash cycles

The PCB assembly industry is implementing more aggressive cleaning processes to remove contaminations from tighter and more complex boards. These cleaning processes use higher volumes of water and pressure, more caustic chemicals with a higher PH value, and higher temperatures than typical cleaning systems. Brady’s B-777 has been developed to remain legible and stay attached in these extreme conditions in order to enable full PCB traceability.

Wash resistant PCB label

Traceability label and ribbon

The B-777 UltraTemp label:

  • is printed with the R-6300 ink ribbon
  • is a white glossy polyimide
  • offers excellent resistance to fluxing and wave solder environments
  • performs in temperatures up to 300°C
  • is extremely receptive to small font prints in text or barcode
  • is available in custom sizes
  • is UL 969 recognised.

Print and apply on-site

The B-777 UltraTemp label for harsh washing processes works seamlessly with the BSP™61 Print and Apply System, the ALF Label Feeder and other auto-apply systems. Together they provide a reliable and flexible on-site traceability solution for high heat applications in manufacturing. Pre-printed B-777 labels are also available.

The B-777 UltraTemp high heat label stays attached and remains legible in harsh PCB wash cycles.

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