Why use printed laboratory labels?

Printed Brady labels can be easily read by people or scanners, every time.  Adding barcodes allow you to include more label information on samples to drastically reduce human error.

Why Printed labels
Hand-written vs printed labels

Did you ever had to postpone research because of unidentified samples, or because nobody was able to read anymore what was once written on the sample you need? Printed laboratory labels, engineered specifically to identify samples, help avoid sample loss and a lot of frustration.

Hand-Written Information Printed Laboratory Labels
  • Is difficult to read
  • Smears when handled
  • Has limited communication potential
  • Fades over time when stored
  • Is erased by chemicals
  • Are crisp, clear and readable
  • Do not smear nor fade
  • Can hold much information
  • Have increased durability
  • Resist chemicals
Lab Durable Labels
Lab-Durable Labels

Brady's special self-laminating or wrap around label protects your label's legend from extreme temperature, chemicals, and solvents that your specimens can come into contact with.
  • Printing is readable every time
  • Clear portion wraps around and laminates the legend
  • Provides window to view liquid level inside vial
  • Low profile label resists jamming in centrifuge or racks
  • Labels withstand liquid Nitrogen (-196°C), freezer (-80°C), autoclave (+121°C), and chemicals like Xylene
Brady Barcode Labels
Barcode Capabilities

Barcode printable labels ensure sample identification in the most challenging conditions.

  • Easily identify and retrieve samples
  • Accurately track samples and chemicals from receipt to disposal
  • Eliminate human error with log-in and inventory data entry
  • Automatically update sample information
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