Efficient maintenance safety with the new Lock Box

Ultra compact lock box

The Ultra Compact Lock Box enables safer maintenance operations with Lockout/Tagout in an efficient way. The box can store and carry up to 6 padlocks and keys, and can be locked by up to 12 padlocks, making it a highly practical tool for teams and across shifts to keep machine energy control points locked in the off-position until maintenance is done.

Easily store and carry

The Ultra Compact Lock Box is ideal to store and carry up to 6 standard padlocks and can be mounted on a wall near machinery to make padlocks easily available. The hard plastic box also includes 3 hooks to hold keys and is equipped with a transparant cover to enable a content check at first glance. The box can be locked by up to 12 padlocks, enabling larger teams to isolate a machine from its energy supply until maintenance is done.

Safer maintenance

When all levers, handles and buttons that control the energy supply to a machine are blocked with a lockout device and a padlock in line with procedure, all maintenance accidents related to prematurely re-energising machinery can be avoided. For larger teams however, one padlock per handle or lever may not be enough, and a lock box is needed to store the keys that can re-energise machinery. The lock box in turn can be locked by the padlocks of up to 12 team members who can all remove their lock after finishing their work before re-energising the machine.


Lockout/Tagout, which includes company specific lockout procedures, a range of devices to block energy control points, padlocks and accessories, helps companies be compliant with norms and regulations, including:

Ultra Compact Lock BoxUltra Compact Lock Box
  • EU Directive CEE 89/655 about protecting employees servicing equipment
  • norm EN 1037 to prevent equipment from re-energising
  • ISO 14118 Prevention of Unexpected Start-up
  • national legislation in a number of countries
Increase efficient maintenance safety with Lockout/Tagout on the workfloor!

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