Automatically feed labels to your pick & place machine

Fast, efficient and easy to use, the ALF Label Feeder offers automated label application at affordable prices. Labels are simply treated like any other component and placed with the accuracy of your pick and place machine. Its compact and durable design allows for flexibility and simplicity, bringing automated traceability within everyone’s reach.

Fast, efficient and easy SMT line traceability labelling

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Features & Benefits

Automated label feeding

The ALF14 Label Feeder is supplied with adapters for common SMT pick-and-place systems, making it an extremely flexible tool with a short set-up time. The label feeder’s fully automated label guidance system and fast sensing and dispensing is designed to keep up with the demands of modern pick equipment, while its compact design minimises occupied space in your feeder rack. The feeder will send out a warning signal when the label guiding latch is left open in order to prevent downtime.

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Highly affordable

ALF14 label feeders are modular label feeders for automated traceability that negate the need to replace the entire feeder when pick and place machines are updated resulting in a more competitive cost structure. Quality modular label feeders like ALF 14 can bring cost-effective traceability to the entire supply chain, making ALF14 a top choice in electronic manufacturing and special purpose machinery.

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Combine with BradyPrinter i7100

The combination of the flexible ALF14 Label Feeder with the BradyPrinter i7100 and Brady’s reliable polyimide traceability 'APL' label range for printed circuit boards offers users a highly flexible labelling automation solution for SMT lines in PCB manufacturing. The BradyPrinter i7100 can print the label on-site with high accuracy and precision, before they are loaded in the ALF14 to automatically feed them to a wide range of compatible pick & place machinery.

ALF Label Feeder
Printed circuit board
ALF Label Feeder

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ALF14 Feeder

ALF14 Label Feeder

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