Full colour safety signs, labels & tags in a few seconds

BradyJet J5000 tags

The BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer quickly prints durable indoor safety and lean signs, labels & tags in full colour at your location.

Full colour signs, labels & tags

By adding durable tag materials to the BradyJet J5000 label material line-up, we are greatly increasing the printer's applications. Easily print durable, full colour and high resolution tags at your location whenever you need them in Lockout/Tagout or other company procedures.

Durable identification

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The BradyJet J5000 tags are made out of thick polyester for optimal tear resistance and an adhered vinyl layer to receive full colour prints. Each tag material roll for the BradyJet includes 100 tags with perforated edges to easily separate the printed tags. Each tag also has a precut hole to apply them to a cable tie or a padlock for example.

Fast, full colour printing

The BradyJet can print durable, full colour signs, labels and tags in one pass at a top speed of 15 cm per second. A self-adhesive 20.32 cm vinyl or polyester safety sign can almost be printed instantly. Designing these signs and labels can be done in a few steps with a computer and an app from the Brady Workstation platform. Combined with Brady Workstation apps, the printer becomes a great peripheral tool for any company that needs to quickly add or renew indoor safety signs, lean labels or pipe markers in full colour and high resolution.

Print durable, full colour tags on demand at your location!

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