Highly reflective signs bring safety in the dark

Our highly reflective ISO 7010 safety signs greatly increase safety in dark places. They reflect twice as much light when lit with a torch or vehicle headlights and can be used both in- and outdoors.

Highly visible

Our reflective signs are highly visible because they reflect light back without blinding thanks to their retroreflective prismatic sheeting. In general, they are twice as reflective as signs with standard glassbead retroreflective sheeting. This will enable coworkers to better see the signs in dark and harsh weather environments when lit with a torch or vehicle headlights.

Great for outdoor use

Reflective signs are available on aluminium boards for outdoor use. These boards feature double bended sides and do not have any sharp edges. They are available in round, triangular, square and rectangular shapes to fit any ISO 7010 safety sign shape. Every board is also available with round or square poles in different lengths, with brackets or base plates for optimal outdoor installation. All B-7658 signs have a great outdoor lifespan thanks to Brady's B-7639 UV blocking laminate that protects them.


All reflective ISO 7010 safety signs can be customised in Brady factories. They can be delivered with or without legend, in any language. Custom sizes are available up to 0.9 x 4 metres.

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