ISO 7010 Safety Signs

ISO 7010 was first introduced in 2003 and updated in 2011.

In a similar way to the GHS/CLP move towards global harmonisation for hazard symbols, ISO 7010 is likely to be adopted in the EU to provide a standardised, easy-to-comprehend safety message wherever you are, whatever language is used.

Here at Brady we ensure we are ahead of all safety and signage legislation and compliance and offer ISO 7010 compliant signage for every industrial environment, indoor and outdoor.


  • What is special about ISO 7010?
The purpose of the standard is to introduce a globally recognised range of pictograms and signage shapes and colours. Although many will already be familiar, some are new introductions. While any new compliance regulations are unlikely to demand immediate change, it is always cost-effective to replace old safety information signage with the new, compliant symbols to avoid further outlay.

  • Where does ISO 7010 apply?
The standard covers safety signs and symbols in workplaces and other locations where people need to be informed about safety matters from emergency exits to hazardous areas. 

  • What does Brady offer?
At Brady we are committed to ensuring that every time a symbol is updated, we include it in our range. That way we can guarantee that we offer the latest, most up-to-date supply of compliant signage.

All the European EN ISO 7010 Safety Signs and Symbols at your fingertips!

Wide choice, guaranteed durability and optimum clarity - whether you work in a large chemical plant or a small office, Brady has all the safety signage solutions you'll ever need. Always clear, highly visible and durable - to keep your workers safe and your legal obligations fulfilled. We have incorporated all new pictograms and text to stay ahead of ISO 7010.

We have over 20 000 symbols on offer, everything from glow-in-the-dark, magnetic, reflective and self cling range to optimise your perfect durable signage solution. 
Pick and choose from a range of ready- made or custom-made symbols. Brady signs are specifically designed to remain legible and stick fast to the roughest of surfaces, indoors or outdoors. Who else can offer an industry specific range of materials from aluminium, vinyl, polypropylene and polyester, with the bonus of an 8-10 year outdoor durability guarantee?

For maximum versatility, create instant signage in minutes with our benchtop printers, with easy to use software. With a Brady print solution, you can produce on-demand signs for everything from floor labelling to pipe marking.
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