Emergency Signs

E001 - Emergency exit (left)

E002 - Emergency exit (right)

E003 - First aid

E004 - Emergency telephone

E007 - Evacuation assembly point

ISO E008

E008 - Break to obtain access

ISO E009

E009 - Doctor

ISO E010

E010 - Automated external heart defibrillator

ISO E011

E011 - Eyewash station

ISO E012

E012 - Safety shower

ISO E013

E013 - Stretcher

ISO E014

E014 - Child seat presence and orientation dectection system (CPOD)

ISO E015

E015 - Drinking water

ISO E016

E016 - Emergency window with escape ladder (left)


E016B - Emergency window with escape ladder (right)


E016C - Emergency window

ISO E017

E017 - Rescue window

ISO E018

E018 - Turn anticlockwise to open

ISO E019

E019 - Turn clockwise to open

ISO E020

E020 - Emergency stop button


E021 - Protection Shelter

ISO E022

E022 - Door opens by pushing on the left-hand side

ISO E023

E023 - Door opens by pushing on the right-hand side

ISO E024

E024 - Evacuation temporary refuge

E025 - Emergency Hammer

E025 - Emergency Hammer

ISO E027

E027 - Medical grab bag

ISO E028

E028 - Oxygen resuscitator

ISO E029

E029 - Emergency escape breathing device

ISO E031

E031 - Shipboard general alarm

E032 - Shipboard assembly station

ISO E033

E033 - Door slides right to open

ISO E034

E034 - Door slides left to open

ISO E035

E035 - Liferaft knife

ISO E036

E036 - Lifeboat

ISO E037

E037 - Rescue boat

ISO E038

E038 - Liferaft

ISO E039

E039 - Davit-launched liferaft

ISO E040

E40 - Lifebuoy

ISO E041

E041 - Lifebuoy with line

ISO E042

E042 - Lifebuoy with light

ISO E043

E043 - Lifebuoy with line and light

ISO E044

E044 - Lifejacket

ISO E045

E045 - Child’s lifejacket

ISO E046

E046 - Infant’s lifejacket

ISO E047

E047 - Search and rescue transponder

ISO E048

E048 - Survival craft distress signal

ISO E049

E049 - Rocket parachute flare

ISO E050

E050 - Line-throwing appliance

ISO E051

E051 - Two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus

ISO E052

E052 - Emergency position indicating radio beacon

ISO E053

E053 - Embarkation ladder

ISO E054

E054 - Marine evacuation slide

ISO E055

E055 - Marine evacuation chute

ISO E056

E056 - Survival clothing

ISO E057

E057 - Door opens by pulling on the left-hand side

ISO E058

E058 - Door opens by pulling on the right-hand side

ISO E059

E059 - Escape ladder

E060 - Evacuation chair

E061 - Water life-saving equipment

E062 - Tsunami evacuation area

E063 - Tsunami evacuation building

5 categories of ISO 7010 safety signs

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