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Signage makes safe and efficient

According to Eurostat, over 2.5 million workplace accidents (minimum 4 days absence) still occur in the European Union and United Kingdom. The numbers show there is room to increase workplace safety, reduce the number of accidents and reduce their associated costs. Ask yourself what if a simple sign could prevent a co-worker from losing a finger?

Safety & efficiency in the workplace

Imagine a world without any sign and think about how quickly we would get lost, how chaotic traffic would become, how much time you would lose, and how many accidents this would result in. Signage makes safe and efficient, also in the workplace.

Signage can help you to:

  • prevent accidents
  • gain time
  • be compliant with legislation
  • quickly follow up on safety audits
  • match industry best practices
  • visualise machine operating instructions

On-site printing power

Our complete range of printers and safety software is ideally placed to help implement and support a Go for zero programme. Able to create signs and labels on demand in a great number of shapes, colours and sizes, they enable you to create safety signs whenever they are needed to prevent workplace accidents.

Prevent more accidents and be more efficient by printing your own signage when you need it.
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