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Brady Workstation offers professional, intuitive apps to design quality product and cable labels and safety signs. With Brady Workstation label design becomes easier, faster and quickly adaptable to new label norms thanks to centralised updates.

Brady Workstation offers practical label design for a wide range of professionals. Simply select the apps you need, download the 30-day trial and purchase when satisfied.

Basic design functionalities (Brady Workstation + Basic Design Suite) are free of charge!

Quickly label lab samples
Laboratory Identification Suite

The Brady Workstation Lab Suite is a collection of apps that enable lab professionals to quickly design both simple and complex laboratory sample labels. Date & time, barcodes, serial numbers, pictograms and data from external databases are easy to insert using the apps included in the Lab Suite package.

All apps can also be purchased separately.

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Easily label terminal blocks

BWS Terminal block app

The Terminal Block labelling app in Brady Workstation offers a practical and flexible approach to terminal block labelling. Every block is visually represented in the app, and you can determine how many blocks you want to identify and what their size should be.

The app also enables you to insert insulating spacers, so your terminal block label can show your identification codes neatly underneath every block, without mistakes. And that's not all: you can reuse the identification data you entered on a cable label template with just a few clicks to show which terminal block the cable should be inserted in.

Get label design apps with every printer

Brady label printers are delivered with professional sign and label design apps from Brady Workstation to enable you to start printing labels straight out of the box.

Label printers* sold separately are accompanied by a selection of professional sign or label design apps from Brady Workstation that also enable you to start identifying straight out of the box. All you need to do, is download Brady Workstation to get access to the Basic Suite selection of professional sign and label design apps.

* Except the BMP21-Plus & BMP21-LAB Label Printer

Don't retype, just scan and print your label

BWS app scan & print

With the Brady Workstation Scan and Print app, you can easily import data from a CSV-file by scanning a barcode. To set this up, you could:

  • open your spreadsheet or database that includes data needed on the labels
  • set up a workflow including how many labels are needed and select data to appear on the labels
  • create a CSV-file and a barcode from the CSV-file name
  • add the barcode to a work order
  • scan the barcode using the scan and print app to print the labels!

Additionally, with the Scan and Print app, barcoded labels can easily be replicated, new labels can be printed by scanning multiple barcodes, and parts of the scanned barcode can be replaced with other scanned data.

Easily design compliant British Standard pipemarkers

BS 1710 pipemarkers app

Quickly design British Standard-compliant pipemarkers with the BS 1710 Pipemarkers app from Brady Workstation.

Increase workplace safety and compliance with the new BS 1710 pipemarkers app from Brady Workstation. Quickly and easily design British Standard-compliant pipemarkers in just a few clicks and print the self-adhesive pipemarkers with the BradyJet J5000 Colour Label Printer.

Fast and accurate asset tags

BWS - Asset Tag app

Quickly create accurate asset tags with the new Asset Tag app by importing existing data in your labels.

The new Brady Workstation Asset Tag app uses predefined layouts that can be populated with data from spreadsheets or databases. Importing data directly from Excel, Access or SQL database for example removes the risk of typos or mistakes during label creation. To fully benefit, you will need the new Asset Tag app, and the Advanced Import app from Brady Workstation. See our how to video!

Easily design complex serial code labels

BWS custom app

Easily print labels with complex serial codes generated from multiple database fields with Brady Workstation.

Both the Custom Designer and Advanced Import apps have been updated to make label designs with complex serial numbers or barcodes a lot easier. With the added 'Combined Fields' feature, both apps are now able to take data from multiple fields in a spreadsheet or database, and to bring those data together into one complex serial number, barcode or QR-code. See our how to video!

Quickly design CLP labels


The updated Brady Workstation GHS/CLP label app enables users to select chemicals by name or CAS-number. The app then automatically populates all required fields to create a compliant GHS/CLP label. Required fields include:

  • product name
  • signal word
  • CLP-pictograms
  • hazard statements
  • precautionary statements

Hitting 'print' can send the design to a Brady label printer in order to create a compliant, self-adhesive CLP-label that is ready to be applied.

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