Easily mop industrial spills

HandySorb is a practical tool to remove spills in many workplaces. The HandySorb mop features an extendable handle and works with engineered pads to safely remove spills in a highly efficient and easy way.

Safe spill clean-up

HandySorb works with inert meltblown polypropylene pads or pillows that do not react with any spilled substance. Its no touch quick release system enables you to clean up a wide range of fluids without ever having to touch any of the removed substances. If necessary, the extendable handle can be used to keep a safe distance while removing a spill.

Easy to use

The HandySorb mop is easy to handle and is more ergonomic when compared to using only pads or granular spill control solutions. Using the easy to snap on HandySorb pads, you will experience less need to stoop, bend or kneel to succesfully remove a spill. Fully extended, HandySorb increases your reach with 1.83 metres to offer better and easier accessibility in difficult to reach areas.

Highly efficient

The pads used with the HandySorb can absorb spills in seconds. Each pad absorbs up to 25 times its weight in spilled fluids to reduce waste disposal volume and cost. This makes the HandySorb a highly efficient tool for spill removal in any industry.

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