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Efficient on-board ship maintenance

Case study

Marine solutions

A leading global liner shipping company optimised ship tool and spare part traceability to support increased on-board maintenance efficiency.

Challenge: Reliable ship spare part identification

A large shipping company wanted to improve tool and spare part traceability on its ships to support increased on-board maintenance efficiency. Crews needed a reliable identification solution to find the right spare parts for ship engines, rudder and other components efficiently. They also needed to identify quickly the right wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers and dedicated tools to install specific parts. The identification solution used would need to withstand contact with oil and grease, sunlight, salty air and the occasional exposure to water.

Solution: A tough label that sticks and stays

Brady suggested its tough B-483 polyester label and the highly portable and versatile BMP61 Label Printer.

The B-483 polyester label, equipped with a rubber adhesive, offers firm adherence to a wide range of surfaces, including textured metals and low surface energy plastics. This enables the label to stick to a very wide range of ship spare parts and tools. The B-483 label also provides great reliability in high (120°C) and low (-40°C) temperatures, and in humid, sunny and salty environments. Dust, oil or water can be wiped off easily without damaging the label print. The extreme reliability of the label allows for reliable part and tool barcoding in challenging marine environments.

With the BMP61 Label Printer, ship crews can easily label any part and tool. Equipped with label design wizards, and easily linkable with label design software, the BMP61 allows for easy label creation in various sizes and label materials. The printer also recognises Brady consumables and auto-adapts its settings to optimally print the loaded label size and material type.

For their offices, the shipping company decided on the M611 Label Printer, driven by Brady’s Express Labels App that can be installed on any smartphone. The M611 seamlessly responds to any user’s trusted phone via Bluetooth or wifi, and can print the B-483 label as well as many other label materials in various sizes.


Result: Reliable tool and spare part traceability

The shipping company tested the tool and spare part traceability solution in a pilot on one of its vessels. With all barcodes still legible, and all labels still attached to tools and spare parts after 3 months, the solution was implemented in the company’s entire fleet to support increased efficiency of on-board maintenance operations.