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Identify cables with wrap labels in 5 seconds

Case Study

Daktronics is a world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and largescreen video displays.

Daktronics Ireland gained additional operational efficiency with faster cable identification. The company can now identify a cable with a wrap-around label in less than 5 seconds.

Challenge: Increase cable identification speed

Daktronics Ireland was primarily using heat-shrink sleeves to identify large volumes of cables that keep the world’s most viewed scoreboards and digital displays up and running.

Cable sleeves are a reliable solution to identify cables, however they do require time to slide over a cable, and to heat-shrink into position. Faced with increasing volumes of cables, Daktronics Ireland was actively looking for increased cable identification efficiency.

Solution: Automated label printing & applying

Brady provides a ROI-calculator for each of its automated cable identification solutions. Companies can decide on available automation solutions by entering customisable data on labour cost, cost of label materials and different volumes of cables. After reviewing the results, Daktronics Ireland contacted Brady for more information on the BradyPrinter A6500 Wrap Printer Applicator.

The BradyPrinter A6500 is triggered manually to print a label and wrap it around a cable in maximum 5 seconds. Identification for cables with diameters from 2 mm to 16 mm can be automated with the BradyPrinter A6500. Users can create and store label designs on the printer-applicator, or use label design apps from BradyWorkstation for additional functionalities. The BradyPrinter A6500 also accepts data from most company ERP-systems to print them on a label.

Using the BradyPrinter A6500 to increase cable identification efficiency also meant Daktronics was moving away from cable sleeves to cable wrap-around labels. Brady provided guidance and support on the selection of the best fitting label sizes for the cable types Daktronics uses. To ensure a tight label fit, the size of a wraparound label must be determined by the diameter of the cable it identifies.

Additionally, Brady suggested the B-427 vinyl self-laminating wrap-around label in the required set of sizes. This label is designed to stay attached and remain legible on the cables Daktronics uses, and in the conditions they are exposed to.

Finally, technical experts from Brady visited Daktronics to provide a 1-day training for their technical teams on in-depth system options, settings and optimal maintenance.


Results: Less than 5 seconds to label a cable

Daktronics Ireland can now identify cables much faster using reliable cable wrap-around labels. The time needed to identify a cable has been optimised to 5 seconds maximum.