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Social Distancing Signage

Stay-safe floor and wall solutions for your
employees and customers as you return to work

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COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways - from shelter-in-place orders and face mask requirements, to businesses temporarily shutting their doors to halt the spread of the virus, we’ve all been affected by this pandemic. As you prepare to reopen your business after weeks – or months – of shutdown due to COVID-19, we know that providing a safe environment for your customers and employees is your top priority.

In this new era of social distancing, you need visual identification for each part of your business to ensure the health and safety of all your employees and customers. Although every business environment is unique, we have put together some examples of key products to use in specific areas to ensure proper social distancing regulations are observed.

Where to mark for social distancing

When deciding what signage to use and where to put it, keep in mind the following considerations and address these key areas in your business. Be sure to be cognizant of language barriers or other special factors that may affect your specific business.


  • Designate separate entrances and exits for buildings and rooms, if possible, and provide directional signage for traffic flow along with physical distancing reminders/cues.
  • Communicate expectations for customers, such as wearing face masks, social distancing and occupancy limits, according to state and local regulations.
  • Create a “clear station” for temperature screening customers and employees when required by state, marked off with proper barriers and signage to avoid crowding or confusion.
  • Post signs that communicate the measures your business is taking to ensure a safe environment to boost customer confidence.

Aisles and passageways

  • Mark the outer edge of shopping or walking aisles to create contained traffic flow patterns.
  • Add directional arrows wherever necessary to indicate traffic direction to avoid confusion and congestion.
  • Remind customers and employees of social distancing protocols.


  • Add marking on the floor to indicate where to stand to abide by the recommended six-foot space radius.
  • Sanitizing and money handling (cash, credit or touchless) procedures should be communicated.

Pick-up/Drop-off spots

  • Add markers outside of your building to establish safe and easy pickup zones and waiting areas.
  • Include markings on the sidewalk at least six feet apart to indicate where customers can wait for curbside or to-go orders.
  • Tape off designated pick-up areas outside for customers who purchased through remote shopping channels.


  • Be sure to include signage in all high-traffic areas to avoid unintentional crowding.
  • Place markers in public bathrooms to establish safe distancing when using the restroom and sinks.
  • Include hand washing and sanitation signage as a reminder to prevent spreading germs.
social distancing signs for hand sanitizer stands

Lobby/Waiting areas

  • Add printed floor markers, such as dots, lines, stripes or floor signs, to indicate waiting areas.
  • Include seat markers to indicate which should be left open to allow for proper spacing.
  • Signs and labels reminding of social distancing regulations are important wherever people congregate.

Communal space

  • Add visual cue marks in employee break rooms, cafeterias, reception areas and other communal spaces to support social distancing practices between employees.
  • Anywhere that a line can form, such as a cafeteria, microwaves, vending machines, time clock, rest rooms, elevators and more, social distancing requirements should be marked appropriately, including occupancy limits.
  • Mark tables and chairs to indicate which should be left open to allow for proper spacing.


  • Manufacturing areas should use clearly defined work spaces to prevent crowding along the lines.
  • An abundance of signage typically already exists in an area such as this - be sure to select unique colors, icons and locations to help them stand out.

Warehouse/Distribution Center

  • Review employee traffic patterns for bottlenecks and adjust work spaces accordingly.
  • As incoming and outgoing goods require all hands on deck, look to automate your processes by conducting a workflow analysis, including drop off vs immediate handling.

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Get Back to Business - Safely

Brady’s social distancing identification guide helps you to create your “return to work” dream team, implement visual communications and so much more to keep your employees and customers safe as we move forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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