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BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer

Experience easy. No setup. No adjustments. No waste.

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Set up, switch out and print faster than you ever imagined with the BradyPrinter i5300 Industrial Label Printer. It’s intuitive, auto-calibrating and precise, printing barcodes and small fonts on labels as small as 5.08 mm. With a solid, metal frame construction, it can handle both high-volume and high-mix labeling applications: electronics and product ID, wire and panel ID, lab ID and safety and facility ID.

Features & Benefits

  • No waste: prints on the very first label to maximise material use (and cut costs)
  • Fast setup: 20-second material changeovers with no calibration, sensor or print setting adjustments
  • Precision printing: either 300 or 600 dpi models align and print on labels as small as 5.08 mm
  • Saves time: prints fast, and pauses, resumes and stores jobs in a write-protected list
  • Prints thousands of label types: options for both stock and custom parts

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