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Your ideal RFID label

Fully customisable RFID labels fit for any surface

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Give every asset a unique, digital identity. Track and manage assets more efficiently in complex industrial environments with fully customisable RFID labels that can fit any surface. Let us design the optimal RFID labelling solution for you with select antennas, chips, label material, adhesive and print.

We offer reliable, industrial-grade labels with either long range UHF frequency, short range NFC, or both frequencies combined in a single label. Your choice will enable you to improve item supply chain management, authentication and even end-user engagement via scanners, via smartphones, or both.

Our RFID labels

Make better decisions faster by wirelessly monitoring data from low-cost, passive RFID sensing labels. We can include sensors in your RFID labels that can be activated by manual or fixed scanners on demand or at pre-programmed intervals.

Track and Trace RFID Labels

Track assets and manage inventories more efficiently in complex industrial environments with RFID labels that can fit any surface.

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Temperature Sensing RFID Labels

Easily monitor temperatures from a distance for one or multiple assets with low cost RFID Temperature Labels that do not require energy or maintenance

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Moisture Sensing RFID Labels

Moisture sensing RFID label comes with a capacitive sensor which detects moisture conditions on surfaces and data can easily be read with UHF RFID scanners

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Dual Frequency RFID Labels

Improve any product or item’s supply chain management, authentication and end-user engagement with a single label.

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Enable “Pick to Light”-systems for easy picking: read desired items at a distance of up to 3.5 m to activate a specific label’s LED light for fast item finding

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Custom RFID Labels

Get an ideal RFID labelling solution for your operations in your specific environment. We can customise every label component to offer an optimal answer to your identification challenges.

  • Your items

    Which items do you need to identify, track, or trace? Your items’ surfaces will help determine your ideal RFID label.

  • Your environment

    We will select the RFID label construction that responds best to the environment you are active in.

  • Your frequency

    Do you want to scan several items at once from a distance? Do you need to detect a single item in close proximity? With a dedicated scanner, or a smartphone? HF or UHF RFID will optimally support your decisions.

  • Your read range

    Next to the label construction, scanners will directly impact RFID read range. We can suggest a wide range of RFD scanners and readers that fit your requirements.

  • Your ideal label size

    Brady offers labels and RFID inlays in all shapes and sizes so that the right label will optimally fit the items you want to identify.

  • Your data

    Brady can select the optimal RFID chip for your needs based on the data you want your scanners to pick up.

  • Your label construction

    Your ideal label may need to stick to cables, powdered surfaces, resist chemicals, oil, dirt or extreme temperatures. Brady offers a variety of label constructions for optimal adherence to any surface and great reliability in any context.

  • Your custom print

    Brady can print your logo and text in full colour in any language and a wide range of fonts. White space can be programmed in for serialisation or finalisation with Brady printers at your premises.

Brady will support you in selecting the optimal label construction for your application

  1. 1) Printable surface: Gloss or matt finish, blank or pre-printed

  2. 2) Label material: Perfectly fits the surface of the items you need to identify.

  3. 3) Optional sensor: Different high performing antennas available, based on your need/application.

  4. 4) RFID inlay: A select, high performance RFID antenna based on your application.

  5. 5) Adhesive: Selected to stay attached in your application.

  6. 6) Label liner: Optimally presents your label for application.

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