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BS 1710-compliant pipe markers

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British Standard 1710 approved pipe markers

British Standard 1710 pipe markers are globally recognised. The usage of pipe markers compliant to the British Standard 1710 will increase your plant safety.

Those pipe markers are a combination of 2 colour categories:

  • basic identification colour
  • Code indications

Colour scheme

Basic identification Colour

Identifies content flowing through the pipes.

Pipe content Colour
Water Green
Steam Silver-grey
Oils Brown
Gases Yellow ochre
Acids and alkalis Violet
Air Light blue
Waste effluent Black
Electrical services and ventilation ducts Orange

Code indication and safety colours

Additional information must be added in code indication colours or safety colours for these pipe contents:

Safety colours

Pipe content Colour
Fire Red
Water from a public supply Auxiliary blue
Water from any other source Flint grey
Warning Yellow

Code indication colours

Pipe content Colour
Refrigeration Blue
Medical gases and refrigeration Golden brown
Building services and refrigeration Crimson
Building services and refrigeration Emerald green
Building services Salmon pink
Building services and medical gases Primrose
Building services and medical gases White
Medical gases French grey
Medical gases French blue
Refrigeration Sea green
Refrigeration Dark mauve


Min. Pipe Diameter (mm) Max. Pipe Diameter (mm) Basic ID colours (mm) Code indication or safety colour (mm) Basic ID colours (mm)
0 50 50 30 50
51 100 100 75 100
101 - 150 150 150

Direction of flow and supplementary information

  • An arrow or arrow shaped pipe marker indicates the content flow direction
  • Supplementary information such as content name, temperature, flow, return,…



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