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Fully automated labelling
for printed circuit boards

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Our complete and reliable labelling solution for printed circuit boards can automate traceability and generate smart manufacturing data about your SMD production lines

Track every printed circuit board

Our complete traceability solution can connect every circuit board in production to your Smart Factory set up. With our solution, circuit boards can generate data and send these to your Manufacturing Execution System, to other machines and production cycles, or to your supply chain both up- and downstream.

Discover every component of our complete traceability solution in detail.


A fully automated printed circuit board labelling solution can enable traceability and manufacturing data analysis without human interference. We can offer several automation solutions depending on your needs:

  • BradyPrinter A8500 Label Printer Applicator: reliably automates printed circuit board labelling, consistently prints and applies tiny polyimide labels that can resist the entire PCB production process.
  • A8500 FlexCell PCB Label Printer Applicator: automatically print & place a reliable traceability label anywhere on any multi- or single board standard PCB in 3 seconds.
  • Automated Label Feeder: offers effective automated label feeding, is fast, efficient and easy to use and can be implemented anywhere along the production line.
  • BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer: offers durable and highly accurate label printing for business critical high volume identification challenges.
  • Scanners: with portable or integrated scanners, traceability systems can evolve beyond supply chain requirements and generate data that can be analysed to create business cases for production optimisation.

Get a hands-on experience with our systems to experience how automated traceability can optimise your business.

Automated Print

Reliable Labels

Our range of reliable printed circuit board labels is designed for auto-apply and can keep 2D codes and barcodes legible in PCB manufacturing conditions so they can be read by scanners throughout a production process.

  • Print and apply labels (B-7727B-777,...): polyimide labels designed to stay attached and remain legible in temperatures up to 300°C, or when exposed to typical PCB chemicals and cleaning processes.
  • Laser engravable: designed to endure PCB production processes and increase the contrast of laser markings to make them easier to read for scanning systems.
  • Masking film: designed to protect PCB's during manufacturing processes, including wave soldering and hot air levelling. The masking film can be removed cleanly.

Test our reliable labels in your environment and see how they perform.


Custom support

Service agreements

On top of an included 1 year warranty, Brady offers premium support service agreements for both the BradyPrinter A8500 Label Printer Applicator and the ALF14 Label Feeder. Service agreements are fully customisable to your needs and can include premium support by phone and/or support at your premises.

Scanners & portable data terminals

With portable or integrated scanners, your traceability system can evolve beyond supply chain requirements and generate data that can be analysed to create business cases for production optimisation.


Brady offers label creation software with automation options, next to advice, support and full collaboration with third parties to help integrate our traceability solutions in your production line.

In-house laboratory

Brady’s in-house laboratories rigourously test our solutions in line with standard testing methods. Our scientists test the performance of complete traceability label constructions including the liner, adhesives, label materials and label top coat to deliver solutions that solve your challenges. Our in-house lab can offer test results on request or test new traceability label requirements when relevant.


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