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Fully customisable RFID labels
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RFID Solutions 

Your tailored solution that includes an RFID label designed for your environment, up to an automated RFID system.

  • RFID labels: Custom shaped, printed and programmed and ready to apply or ready to be finalised at your premises.
  • Print at your premises: Programme, print, serialise or finalise custom RFID labels at your premises.
  • Capture data: Capture data from or add data to your RFID labels from a few centimetres in HF/NFC up to 16 metres in UHF, not limited by line of sight.
  • Integrate & automate: Automatically capture data from your RFID labels at programmable intervals with fixed scanners, and send the data to your ERP-system.

We can assist you in finding the right combination of products to solve your identification need.

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Your ideal RFID label

  • Your items

    Which items do you need to identify, track, or trace? Your items’ surfaces will help determine your ideal RFID label.

  • Your environment

    We will select the RFID label construction that responds best to the environment you are active in.

  • Your frequency

    Do you want to scan several items at once from a distance? Do you need to detect a single item in close proximity? With a dedicated scanner, or a smartphone? HF or UHF RFID will optimally support your decisions.

  • Your read range

    Next to the label construction, scanners will directly impact RFID read range. We can suggest a wide range of RFD scanners and readers that fit your requirements.

  • Your ideal label size

    Brady offers labels and RFID inlays in all shapes and sizes so that the right label will optimally fit the items you want to identify.

  • Your data

    Brady can select the optimal RFID chip for your needs based on the data you want your scanners to pick up.

  • Your label construction

    Your ideal label may need to stick to cables, powdered surfaces, resist chemicals, oil, dirt or extreme temperatures. Brady offers a variety of label constructions for optimal adherence to any surface and great reliability in any context.

  • Your custom print

    Brady can print your logo and text in full colour in any language and a wide range of fonts. White space can be programmed in for serialisation or finalisation with Brady printers at your premises.

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Brady will support you in selecting the optimal label construction for your application

  1. Printable surface: Gloss or matt finish, blank or pre-printed
  2. Label material: Perfectly fits the surface of the items you need to identify.
  3. Optional sensor: Different high performing antennas available, based on your need/application.
  4. RFID inlay: A select, high performance RFID antenna based on your application.
  5. Adhesive: Selected to stay attached in your application.
  6. Label liner: Optimally presents your label for application.



Material and equipment monitoring


Access control


Greenhouse monitoring


Maintenance and safety data collection


Cold chain monitoring


Inventory management


Data centre monitoring


Tracing and tracking of samples

Highly efficient temperature reading in laboratories.

RFID Temperature Labels enable wireless temperature reading and monitoring for a wide range of devices, equipment, machines, racks, cables and structures. The flexible, temperature sensing smart labels can be applied to almost any surface to support informed proactive decision making.

Easily monitor temperatures: low cost temperature monitoring with passive, ISO 18000-6C and ISO14443 NFC interface, and ETSI compliant bandwidth RFID smart labels that do not require energy or maintenance. Labels are energised when needed by HF or UHF compliant readers.

Applicable to all surfaces: available in a wide range of thin and flexible industrial grade label materials with a variety of adhesives to stay attached to smooth, rough, or powdered surfaces, and to flat or curved surfaces.

Complete solution: includes RFID labels, label printer, label design software, RFID reader with hard- and software support.

Find out more about our RFID Temperature Labels

Digital birth records in aerospace


RFID Integrated Labels provide the entire aerospace ecosystem with a cradle-to-grave data management and lifecycle visibility solution for aircraft items and components. Combined with a high quality print-on-demand system, and ATA Spec 2000 compliant software options, the RFID Integrated Labels are the ultimate tool to simplify and automate aircraft item and component traceability.

Create digital birth records: print and program the RFID integrated label on-site in less than 10 seconds, compliant with the latest ATA Spec 2000 using customisable and user friendly software.

Ease of use: unique design, easily attach to wires, cables, boxes, bottles and other specific surfaces, ultra-light weight (<1.5g), ultra-thin (0.23mm) with up to 4 meter read range.

Complete history attached to every component: easily gain insight in component origin and history, update component history with the RFID scanner and rely on extreme label durability for cradle to grave traceability.

Find out more about our RFID solution in aerospace

Full object history in hydraulics

Add maintenance records: easily write additional maintenance records to the integrated NFC chip using our scanner.

Access complete object history: easily read all information from the integrated NFC chip even when tubes are mounted to an engine or hydraulic group.

Stays attached and remains legible: our carefully selected label material resists high temperatures and agressive cleaning agents.

Automatically count mould use in chocolate production

Enable industry 4.0 machine to machine communication: automatically count chocolate mould use with RFID labels and a strategically placed scanner - no human interaction.

Automatically trigger responses: let your systems alert maintenance or the warehouse for replacement.

Highly reliable: our label stays attached in hot and cold temperatures.

Increase warehouse efficiency

Automatically check completeness: make sure all necessary items are loaded in the right truck with an RFID scanner at each gate.

Optimise on-time delivery: no need to recall trucks if your automatic item count can clear trucks for departure.

Immediately correct errors: RFID scanners can quickly detect wrong shipments before they enter a truck.

Optimise customer satisfaction

All aboard: automatically check that all components of a customer’s new complex machine are in the truck with RFID labels and a scanner.

Check arrival: enable the customer to easily check the arrival of all components with an RFID scanner versus an itemised list.

Find missing modules: enable your technicians in the field to retrieve ‘missing’ components faster when assembling new machines.

How did other companies benefit?

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Benefits that work for you

  • Enable industry 4.0
    RFID labels on assets, components and shipments and strategically placed scanners enable automatic item counting, to initiate regular maintenance or ensure completeness.
  • Increased productivity
    Receiving, loading, selecting and shipping goods becomes a lot more efficient with the right RFID labels and scanners.
  • Less rework
    RFID has a great first time pass accuracy, certainly when compared to traditional barcodes. This can greatly reduce the time spent to correct errors due to faulty barcode scans.
  • Greater asset control
    With RFID, you gain greater audit and asset control. Depending on your setup, you could assess your entire inventory in one or more scans.
  • Improved resource efficiency
    Improved inventory tracking with RFID enables better demand planning and a more optimal allocation of assets and resources.

RFID vs Barcode/2D Code

RFID Barcode
One to Many
Scan many tags simultaneously
One to One
Scan one item at a time
Scan items in a box or hidden from view
Scan items within view
Read & Write
Easily update printed tags with new information
Read Only
Once printed, can't change, no opportunity to update
Difficult to copy
RFID chip contains unique identifying number
Easy to Copy
Simple to photograph, print and rescan
Read Range
Up to 11m
Read Range
Up to 2m