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Give every asset a unique digital identity

A complete RFID solution

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With RFID labels, assets can be given unique, digital identities that enable you to identify and locate them all at once, from a distance, in real time, without needing line of sight. Considerable efficiency gains can be generated in any industry with our complete RFID solution.

Your needs. Your solution.

To help realise the full potential of any unique workplace, we can tailor our RFID solution to make it work for you, in your working environment. A complete RFID solution includes:


Industrial grade RFID labels that stick and stay attached to your assets, with a read range adapted to your needs.

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Printers that can quickly create additional RFID labels at your premises.

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Readers that deliver the data you need, via apps or software that unlock tactical and strategic benefits for your business.

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Software integration

Integration of our complete RFID solution with your existing ICT infrastructure.

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Complete solutions that can be adapted to customer needs down to the last detail, now make RFID accessible to a wide range of businesses, even in environments that are considered challenging for most labels and readers.


A major leap in workplace efficiency

Bring your workplace to the next level of efficiency and productivity with reliable RFID. Locate, identify, track and trace multiple assets at once from a 15m distance without ever having to lay eyes on them. Or cover your entire workplace with well placed fixed RFID readers to maximally accelarate asset tracking. Quickly guide employees to the assets they need in the most optimal order, fully automate inventories and check any outgoing cargo for completeness in seconds.

See. Control. Profit.

Gain additional insights from automatically captured data on all labelled assets to fully inform strategic decision making on capital asset numbers, their locations, preventive maintenance and environmental elements. Decisions on stock levels can be supported by the latest data, generated and collected automatically, to further drive business efficiency and profitability, all by giving your assets a unique, digital identity.

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