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Intelligent Manufacturing Manufacturing, elevated

Connect your operations and future-proof your organisation.

The visibility you need to revolutionise your operations.
Comprehensive label

Intelligent manufacturing solutions

Drive efficiencies by optimising data exchange and delivering real-time actionable insights

Like nearly everything in today’s world, manufacturing operations are going through a radical transformation. The industrial revolution brought us electricity and assembly lines. The automation revolution brought us more advanced electronics and computer systems. The new intelligent revolution has modern manufacturers recognising the next level of technology implementation — and it starts with connected systems, internet of things applications, cloud computing, and improved communication networks. That may sound complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. The concept is simple. By implementing modern methods of identification — such as advanced barcoding & labelling technologies, RFID, machine connectivity, and business system integration – organisations are now unlocking a level of visibility into their operations that has only recently become possible.

The visibility you need to revolutionise your operations:

  • Real-time information

    – know what’s happening when it’s happening—and why
  • Operational flexibility

    – adjust quickly to changing production needs
  • Seamless productivity

    – manage assets and inventory holistically and scale on demand
  • Customised solutions

    – easily customise data exchanges and workflows

Build your smart factory with a trusted manufacturing partner who’s uniquely positioned to grow with you

For over 100 years, Brady has worked side-by-side with our customers to deliver high-performance identification solutions, solve tough manufacturing challenges, and design for what comes next. We are a global manufacturer of identification hardware, materials, software, and solutions. We bring all of these components together into an ecosystem specifically designed to deliver the next generation of digital identification solutions. By designing and developing these components to be integrated from the start, we’re doing what we’ve always done for our customers – delivering high-performance identification solutions when performance matters most. We’re eager to talk with you about what a more intelligent manufacturing environment may look like for you.

Build your smart factory with a trusted manufacturing partner who’s uniquely positioned to grow with you

There are three primary pillars to Brady’s approach to smart manufacturing.

Production flexibility

Gain immediate insights into your production systems and shift productivity into overdrive.

  • Adjust easily to changing manufacturing demands
  • View up-to-the-minute production schedules and order throughput
  • Discover bottlenecks and issues to ensure on-time deliveries


Analyse real-time data across your operations to make well-informed decisions in no time.

  • Connect business and process systems
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources into a single ecosystem
  • Access historical information for trends and analytics

Complete Smart Solutions

Implement world-class identification technologies with the world’s most trusted manufacturing leader.

  • Industrial Edge Computing, Barcode & Optical Scanning, Printing, and RFID hardware and software
  • High-performance labelling and custom material solutions you’ve come to trust from Brady
  • An integrated ecosystem of hardware: easy to connect and implement.

Manufacturing leaders are embracing Industry 4.0.

Intelligent Manufacturing leader Statistics

expect to gain greater flexibility on production lines

Intelligent Manufacturing leader Statistics

believe the most impactful business outcome will be lower manufacturing costs

Intelligent Manufacturing leader Statistics

have already achieved success

Source: The State of Industry 4.0 Survey, Dimensional Research on behalf of Molex, June 2021


Real-time information and insights to optimise any production facility

When it comes to efficiency, productivity and cost savings, real time is the real deal. Brady’s Intelligent Manufacturing solutions connect all your manufacturing assets for real-time production management, advanced data analytics and unmatched business insights.

  • ‘Smart factory’ notifications of inventory or raw material overages or underages
  • Production throughput visibility (dashboard-style view of work-in-progress manufacturing)
  • Tie in input from existing equipment and business systems solutions
Smart factory
Post-Production Peace of mind

Peace of mind across your entire supply chain

When a manufacturing issue is brought to light after a product leaves your facility, you need to be able to identify where, when, why and how it happened—the faster the better. Brady’s intelligent track and trace solutions are designed to give you real-time information and long-term visibility so you can resolve material and manufacturing issues as quickly as possible.

  • Ensure on-time delivery of your products without any surprises
  • Simplify maintenance and reordering with data-rich smart labels for consumers and distributors
  • Maintain regulatory compliance with automated scanning at all loading, transport and delivery touchpoints

Connect the Brady products you rely on for real-time data you can build the future on

Manufacturers trust Brady’s products and software to help them eliminate defects, verify assembly, automate production processes, track parts and more. Our Intelligent Manufacturing ecosystem enables you to connect your Brady products for end-to-end visibility and flexibility.

  • Real-time, ‘smart factory’ issue notifications that keep production moving
  • Advanced data analytics that enable you to test scenarios and make contingency plans
  • An operation-wide ecosystem of assets that work together seamlessly
  • Standard industrial integration and connectivity for ease of use
High performance intelligent manufacturing printer

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Give every asset a unique digital identity

With RFID labels, assets can be given unique, digital identities that enable you to identify and locate them all at once, from a distance, in real time, without needing line of sight.


How did other companies benefit?

What could RFID mean for your business? How to optimally leverage its power? Which efficiency gains does this technology have in store? Fuel your imagination and tune in on how other businesses benefit from giving every asset a unique digital identity.

Build your smart factory today with Brady

Let’s have a conversation to discuss what a flexible manufacturing environment can do for you.