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Reliable data centre identification solutions

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Brady labels are designed to keep data centre cables and components identified, and to remove all guesswork or manual cable tracing. Our labels will not unwrap nor detach. They can be printed quickly with highly responsive 'drop-lock-print' portable label printers. And they can be embedded with RFID technology for increased security and identification flexibility.


Reliable data centre identification

Solve any data centre identification need with quality labels that remain legible and stay attached. We offer a complete range of reliable identification solutions that speed up troubleshooting, network refreshes and infrastructure installations.

Our offer includes:


Easy-on, easy-off print-on hook material with a grippy backing to easily identify cable bundles. Developed in partnership with the VELCRO® Brand.

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Rotating labels

Troubleshoot faster with reliable identification labels that can be rotated around a cable to make their print legible from any angle.

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Self-laminating labels

Protect label prints from heat, chemicals, and solvents.

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Flag labels

Apply in seconds with QuickFlag, or minimise cable contact surface with P- and T-shaped flags.

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Hardware labels
Hardware Labels

With quick hardware replacements in mind, for instance in the event of a hardware failure, well identified racks, servers and disk trays are just as critical as easily traceable cables.

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NFC and Smart labels

Secure the data accessibility and optimize maintenance efficiency using RFID or Smart labels. Give every asset a unique, digital identity to optimise traceability.

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Design any data centre label

Brady Workstation enables you to easily design any label to identify components, cables and facilities using 20+ professional label design apps and tools. Simply connect a Brady printer to an internet enabled computer to access and print your Brady Workstation label templates and functionalities. Source existing data to complete your label and hit print. Brady's high-end label printers will even inform you if loaded label materials need to be switched to print specific label designs.

Brady Workstation: Simply select the apps and tools you need, activate a 30 day free trial and purchase when satisfied.
Express Labels App: Simple. Easy. Intuitive. Seamlessly design, view and print labels right from your phone.

Total control

Brady labels can be printed in the data centre or at any location with our professional mobile and benchtop label printers. Our printers recognise all of our materials, will auto-calibrate to speed up the labelling process, and seamlessly print from Brady Workstation label design apps or built-in design wizards, complete with data centre symbols.

For higher volume cable labelling, our systems can even print and apply labels automatically to a wide variety of cables.

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Save time with automated cable identification 

We have got you covered

An ever-evolving industry needs ever-evolving suppliers. Brady is always researching new materials and products to offer reliable identification solutions that make a difference for our customers. When server connection density increases, we adapt our labels and label design software to make sure you can neatly identify every port for every server type active in your data centre.

If you need to outsource to service providers, we can standardise your labels, or support security with RFID enabled labels. And we can do this anywhere in the world in big, edge, or even single server data centres.

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Fast support & quality service

Anywhere in the world, Brady and our partner network can offer your ideal identification solution and the local support to customise your labels and maintain your label printers. With a global manufacturing footprint, we can handle bulk demands and fast deliveries of quality labels. Wherever you are, we're just around the corner.

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