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Standardised datacentre identification

Case Study

A large automotive manufacturer’s datacentre uses a standardised identification approach with quality labels to help avoid downtime and support high service levels.

Challenge: Reduce server uptime risks

Uptime expectations for datacentres are high and important services depend on them. To nullify the risks of disconnecting a wrong cable, standardised, clear and reliable labels are important to identify racks, servers and cables.

Solutions: Clear, reliable labels that stay attached

Brady proposed its B-425, B-427 and B-461 labels. They are constructed using industrial grade substrates and adhesives, and designed to stay attached to curved surfaces like UTP and other cables used in datacentres.

In addition, Brady Workstation label design apps enable technicians to design and customise the new labels in a few steps on their laptop, smartphone or tablet. Designs are easy to print with Brady’s handheld BMP61 Label Printer while walking between the racks, or they can be batch printed in larger volumes with an on-site, small footprint BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer.

Brady also offered on-site consulting to support label standardisation and the customer’s datacentre identification approach.

BRADY BMP61 Portable Labelprinter

Results: Avoid cable patching mistakes

The new labels and identification solutions stay attached to cables and components to help avoid cable patching mistakes and to support datacentre uptime and service levels. Designing, printing and applying labels is also very practical and easy to standardise.