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Marine industry

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Speed up maintenance in a safe and efficient way to maximise power generation and supply. Brady Corporation offers a wide range of reliable identification and safety tools to support highly efficient maintenance professionals complete fast machine interventions in a safe way.


Ship identification solutions

Keep ships safe and high performing with easy-to-use identification solutions that minimise risk and maximise maintenance efficiency.

Download the ship identification guide


Offshore energy identification solutions

Maintain platform safety and efficiency with easy-to-use identification solutions to maximise power generation and supply.

Download the offshore identification guide


Limit safety risks and avoid accidents in your workplace for colleagues and contractors with clear and reliable safety solutions.

Marine safety signs

Easily guide and protect people

Shop for marine safety signs

Pipe markers

Facilitate pipe maintenance

Shop for pipe markers

Floor markers

Increase facility efficiency

Shop for floor markers

Visual tagging

Promote safe equipment use

Shop for visual tagging products


Safer machine interventions

Shop for Lockout/Tagout products

Spill control

Prevent environmental damage

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If you are facing multiple identification challenges in various daily work processes, we have easy-to-use solutions for you.

Cable identification

Find the right cable fast

Shop for cable labels

RFID labels

Easily track tools

Discover our RFID labels

Sea-resistant labels

Keep items identified in the sea

Shop for sea-resistant labels

Outdoor labels

Identify up to 12 years outdoors

Shop for outdoor labels

Metallic labels

Survives 30 years outdoors

Shop for metallic labels

On-site printable

If you need signs and labels fast and in a flexible way, try our practical design & print solutions.

Design your own labels, tags & signs

Select the apps you need

Discover Brady Workstation

Print & apply your own identification solutions
Benchtop Printer Comparison 

Increase labelling flexibility

Discover our DIY-solutions

How did other companies benefit?

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Discover more identification and safety solutions