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Marine industry

Minimise risk. Maximise efficiency. In port, and at sea.

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Make ship and platform maintenance interventions safer and more efficient with reliable and compliant safety identification solutions. Brady Corporation offers a wide range of reliable identification and safety tools to support highly efficient maintenance professionals complete fast machine interventions in a safe way.

Safety - Protect crews

Limit safety risks and avoid accidents in your workplace for colleagues and contractors with clear and reliable safety solutions.

Moving parts, residual energies, premature machine energisation, slips and falls: maintenance interventions can be extremely risky if not properly prepared. Keep your full crew safe and operational with safety solutions that limit risks related to moving machine parts and machine spills.


Neutralised machine energy, well identified pipes, and effective spill control enable our maintenance teams to avoid risk and potential accidents. We are all in this boat together, sometimes for weeks on end. That means any avoidable risk is a win, both on a personal and professional level.


Marine safety signs

Easily guide and protect people

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Pipe markers

Facilitate pipe maintenance

Shop for pipe markers

Floor markers

Increase facility efficiency

Shop for floor markers

Visual tagging

Promote safe equipment use

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Safer machine interventions

Shop for Lockout/Tagout products

Spill control

Prevent environmental damage

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Identification - No time to waste

If you are facing multiple identification challenges in various daily work processes, we have easy-to-use solutions for you.

No ship or platform stays in port or under maintenance longer than needed. Minimising risk and maximising efficiency enables great maintenance interventions that return capital assets for duty in the most optimal way.


Being able to accurately and quickly identify any component or cable that needs replacing makes a huge difference in how fast capital marine assets can get back to sea. That includes adding markers on the new components to keep on-board safe and efficient. Our predefined inspection templates for identifiable components, and our ability to create a wide range of signs and markers on-the-job, enable us to fully meet our customers' requirements.


Cable identification

Find the right cable fast

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RFID labels

Easily track tools

Discover our RFID labels

Sea-resistant labels

Keep items identified in the sea

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Outdoor labels

Identify up to 12 years outdoors

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Metallic labels

Survives 30 years outdoors

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On-site printable - Your specifications

If you need signs and labels fast and in a flexible way, try our practical design & print solutions.

Our marine identification solutions are fully customisable and can be adapted to specifications. Our signs and markers, either preprinted or finalised at your location, are designed to resist oil, grease, weathering and salt. They have been tested against international standards to stay attached and remain legible for 12 years in marine conditions. Our complete offer includes EU Marine Equipment Directive and IMO-compliant halogen-free and photoluminescent self-adhesive identification solutions, as well as aluminium plates in any shape and size.

Design your own labels, tags & signs

Select the apps you need

Discover Brady Workstation

Print & apply your own identification solutions
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Increase labelling flexibility

Discover our DIY-solutions

How did other companies benefit?

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Ship identification solutions

Keep ships safe and high performing with easy-to-use identification solutions that minimise risk and maximise maintenance efficiency.

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