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Fast ship cable labelling

Case Study

A large dry dock identifies ship and rig cables with reliable, zero-halogen cable tags to meet customer requirements and help maintenance teams quickly replace faulty cables.

Challenge: Speed of delivery

When a ship or oilrig enters a dry dock, everything must be in place to start servicing it right away. Customers count on the shipyard to help make their assets operational again as quickly as possible. Speed of delivery, for any supplies, is of vital importance for the shipyard to meet customer deadlines.

Solutions: Fast, large label deliveries with close support

Brady is able to quickly deliver large amounts of quality tags, labels and sleeves. Next to a fast supply line, Brady also maintains close proximity to respond to any questions as they arise and to immediately solve any additional challenges on-site.

Our B-7643 zero-halogen cable marker is ideal to identify non-exposed ship and oil rig cables. The printed marker can resist high and low service temperatures between 90°C and -40°C, 95% humidity, and UV exposure. It will also stay legible after contact with a series of chemicals, oils and fuels. Additionally, the cable marker will not create any dangerous fumes in case of a fire to help protect employees and crews. The cable markers can be printed at Brady factories, or at the dry dock with a BradyPrinter i7100 Industrial Label Printer.

Brady also supplies vinyl tags to mark which components have not yet been inspected. The tag helps the dry dock to optimise efficiency and is very flexible to use. Tags can be custom printed in full colour at the shipyard when needed with the BradyPrinter J5000 Full Colour Label Printer.

Next to the above, the dry dock also uses a portable BMP71 Label Printer, cable sleeves and Brady’s B-595 all-round vinyl component label for identification purposes.

zero halogen cable markeri7100 label printer

Results: Fast ship cable identification

The dry dock is able to meet strict deadlines and customer requirements in which reliable cable identification is no longer a source of concern.