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Healthcare industry

Optimise patient care & facility efficiency

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Reliable identification and safety solutions enable highly skilled professionals to deliver quality care and service in the most efficient way. Patient identification, treatment tracking, sample traceability and medical device availability can become much more efficient with the right labels, signs and wearables.

Traceability identification

Track & trace patient treatment, biological samples, medical tool - and device production lots with reliable labels, wristbands and tags to achieve increased safety, efficiency and compliance goals.

RFID labels & Asset identification

Enable real-time tracking

Discover our RFID temperature labels

Laboratory sample labels

Easily trace any sample

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Syringe labels

Easily recognise syringe contents

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Vaccine labels

Traceability throughout supply chains

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Anti-tamper labels

Visualise product & label tampering

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Medical seals & bags

Seal samples during transport

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Safety identification

Clearly inform or caution medical & technical staff, patients and visitors with reliable signs, labels, pipe markers and tags where it matters to support a safe and efficient working environment.

GHS/CLP labels

Compliant chemical packaging

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Floor Marking

Increase facility safety & efficiency

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Spill control

Quickly remove contamination hazards

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Safety signs & Facility signs

Vital information where it matters

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Pipe marking

Increase maintenance & operations efficienc

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Safer machine interventions

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Integrated identification solutions

Automate your labelling in a controlled way with data directly from your ERP or LIMS. Let Brady integrate RFID and scanning capabilities to fully automate identification, and enable your professionals to increase their efficiency even further.


Design and print identification labels

Almost every solution can be printed at your premises with a label printer from Brady. A few rolls of blank labels in your inventory will create a rich variety of identification solutions to increase safety, efficiency and compliance in your workplace.

Automate labelling & identification

Save time withautomated labelling

Discover our labelling automation solutions

Design your own labels, tags & signs

Select the apps you need

Discover Brady Workstation

Print & apply your own identification solutions
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Increase labelling flexibility

Discover our DIY-solutions

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Identification & safety solutions in your virtual
laboratory / healthcare environment

Get best-practice solution examples in several virtual applications.

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