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Reliable ISO 20560 tank markers

Increase safety and efficiency

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ISO 20560 approved tank markers

ISO 20560 is the first standard to provide internationally accepted rules on how and where to identify tanks. They make efficient maintenance and first responder interventions a lot easier. In addition, the tank markers correspond with ISO 20560 pipe markers, and offer fast insight into how installations are connected.

Compliant. Clear. Visible where it matters.

ISO 20560 tank markers clearly indicate hidden substance risks and provide important safety information on the tank itself about personal protection equipment to wear and warnings or prohibitions to take into account. This information contributes considerably to safe and efficient maintenance operations.

In addition, ISO 20560 rules for tank marking also apply to pipe markers, enabling maintenance teams to quickly recognise which pipes to close.

Discover our ISO 20560 Pipe Markers 
Pipe content Colour
Basic identification
Water Green
Air Blue
Gas in either gaseous or liquefied condition Grey
Liquids and fixed materials Black
Alkalis Violet
Acids Orange
Firefighting medium Red

Protect your plant

The tank marking standard is also aligned with the needs of first responders. The standard prescribes two markers: one at eye level, and a larger, second one higher up the tank to provide vital information from a distance.
With visible GHS symbols, NFPA diamond and HIN/UN number, informed decisions can be made faster, enabling first responders to better protect themselves, and your plant.

Large tank marker for first responders

Basic Material Material B-number Width (mm) Heigth (mm) Orientation
Polyester Label B-7541 1400 900 Landscape
Aluminium plate (1,5mm thick) B-7503 1400 900 Landscape

Small tank marker for maintenance

Basic Material Material B-number Width (mm) Heigth (mm) Orientation
Polyester Label B-7541 390 590 Portrait
Polyester Label B-7541 590 390 Landscape
Reflective Label B-7658 390 590 Portrait
ReflectiveLabel B-7658 590 390 Landscape
Reflective Board (double bended sides) 400 600 Portrait
Reflective Board (double bended sides) 600 400 Landscape

The right things done well

Brady can advise on matching stored substances to ISO 20560 colour codes for optimal compliance. On top of that we can provide clear marker layouts that are easily legible and understandable.

In addition, we offer optimal marker materials that avoid corrosion, and maximise outdoor UV- and moisture resistance in your plants' environments. Supported by more than a 100 years of identification expertise, in-house material R&D capabilities and a vast material knowledge database, we can provide the optimal marker for any tank, anywhere.

See all ISO 20560 rules for tank & pipe markers in a single visualisation

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