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Easily create compliant, safe and efficient workplaces

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Easily create a compliantsafer and more efficient workplace with our durable pipe markers, safety signs, CLP-labels and area marking. Align with European Union Directives and national legislation, prevent accidents by communicating important safety information when and where co-workers need to see it, and identify areas in line with 5S and lean manufacturing for more efficiency.

Create a compliant workplace

Brady's durable pipe markerssafety signsCLP-labels and area marking solutions can be used to comply with:

  • Directive 89/391/EEC to adequately protect workers
  • Directive 92/58/EEC that obliges employers to provide safety signs, including
    • Annex II 'Minimum general requirements concerning signboards'
    • Annex III 'Minimum requirements governing signs on containers and pipes'
    • Annex IV 'Minimum requirements for the identification and location of fire-fighting equipment'
    • Annex V 'Minimum requirements governing signs used for obstacles and dangerous locations, and for marking traffic routes'
    • Annex VI 'Minimum requirements for illuminated signs'
  • Directive 1272/2008 about the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals (CLP)
  • National legislation

Create a safer workplace


Safety signs, pipe markers, CLP-labels and area marking can instruct or warn co-workers about potential danger when and where they need such information the most.

  • Safety signs: communicate important information quickly and on the spot by using internationally recognised pictograms to prohibit, warn, caution, share mandatory requirements, evacuate or locate fire-fighting equipment.
  • Pipe markers: clearly communicate the content of pipes so co-workers immediately know which handles they can safely operate, and first responders know what to look out for.
  • CLP-labels: Easily identify the dangers associated with chemicals stored on the workfloor
  • Area marking: identify safe walking areas to avoid accidents between pedestrians, forklifts and other vehicles

Create an efficient workplace

Area marking, pipe markers and safety signs can also be used to increase workplace efficiency in line with 5S and lean manufacturing models:

  • Area marking: clearly identify areas so co-workers always know where they need to go, where they can find the tools they need and where to store them
  • Pipe marking: show pipe contents, flow directions, source and destination and identify which valve operates which pipe to increase the efficiency of maintenance teams
  • Safety signs: immediately show which protective gear is required so co-workers don't always need to go find the document that includes this information