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Brady makes printing easier, faster and more efficient for all of your identification needs.

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See how our customers benefit from the use of Brady Label Printers:

agsm case study

Easy public asset malfunction reporting

In Verona, citizens can easily initiate a light pole repair intervention by scanning the pole’s QR-code with their smartphone.

55 000 light poles in Verona and neighbouring towns have already been labelled with a unique QR-code, human-readable serial number, a phone number and website. The B-595 label can be printed quite easily in any office, utility shed or larger vehicle with the BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer.

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airbus case study

Highly efficient expiration time labelling

Airbus Helicopters now uses several efficient expiration time labelling workstations that do not even need a computer.

Skilled workers can now work faster, with fewer labelling mistakes and they can recognise much faster which filler mixture to use. All expiration times per mix are pre-programmed in the BradyPrinter i7100 and are printed on Brady’s B-424 paper label.

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Highly visible, colour coded network infrastructure labelling

Well-identified network infrastructure is of great importance in Dark Fibre Africa’s network.

Thanks to smart, standardised colour coding on reliable labels printed with Brady BMP51 Portable Label Printer, service provisioning and network maintenance becomes faster, and customer downtime risks are reduced with easy identification.

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