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Easy public asset malfunction reporting

Case Study

AGSM Lighting, subsidiary of the AGSM Verona SpA Group, operates in the public lighting sector and acts to enhance the image of the city and to ensure the safety of citizens, by containing light pollution and seeking advantageous solutions for energy saving.

AGSM Lighting made it easy for citizens in Verona to report light pole failures accurately with their smartphone.

Challenge: A tough, outdoors label that can be printed anywhere

Light poles help create an inviting, safe and secure city-environment. They are a standard, yet important component of every city as citizens count on them to illuminate the streets, pavements and squares. When a light pole is not working, every passer-by wants it repaired immediately.

AGSM Lighting was looking for a way to make it easy for every citizen to report any light pole failure quickly and accurately.
To make this possible, AGSM Lighting wanted to link every light pole to their web portal with a unique QR-code.

Solutions: Custom programmed, standalone label printer

We sent AGSM Lighting samples of our highly reliable B-595 label material.
B-595 is an easy to apply, self-adhesive vinyl label that remains legible and stays attached in outdoor conditions. It resists UV-radiation, humidity and dirt, offers a long label life span and is available in many colours.

Additionally, the B-595 label can be printed quite easily in any office, utility shed or larger vehicle with the BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer. Label rolls are recognised automatically by the printer and are ready-to-print after insertion within 20 seconds. When printed, all labels or signs are cut automatically.

With supporting Brady Workstation label design software apps, users can quickly design a label or sign from scratch, use previously designed templates and serialise labels. Data from external sources can also be imported and printed automatically to avoid any tedious retyping and unfortunate typing errors.

After approval of our solution, a Brady Technical Team installed the printer in AGSM Lighting offices enabling our customer to start printing and labelling all light poles immediately and with full autonomy.

agsm pole

Results: Citizens can easily initiate accurate light pole repairs

In Verona, citizens can easily initiate a light pole repair intervention by scanning the pole’s QR-code with their smartphone. They enter the AGSM Lighting web portal after scanning, where they can enter additional information to send a wellinformed repair team their way.

55 000 light poles in Verona and neighbouring towns have already been labelled with a unique QR-code, human-readable serial number, a phone number and website. This action gave every light pole an easily visible, unique identifier that greatly improves communication with citizens and, as a result, the efficiency of maintenance interventions.