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Every year thousands of workers get killed or injured while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial equipment or machinery. Many of these accidents are caused by the uncontrolled release of energy. In Europe however, several regulations exist, requiring that all energy sources are turned off and "locked out" while machines are being serviced or repaired.

What is it?

Lockout/Tagout is a planned safety procedure which involves turning off the energy supply of industrial machinery and equipment whilst maintenance work or repairs are being carried out. This procedure protects workers from the risks posed by live machinery or electricity.

Why Lockout/Tagout?

  • Safe working while doing maintenance, cleaning or repairs.
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Prevention of damage
  • It helps to prevent errors being made.
  • It is a procedure which clearly communicates risk in the workplace

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Enable safer machine interventions

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Lockout/Tagout Guidebook

Reduce accidents at work during machine interventions with Lockout/Tagout.

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Lockout/Tagout Catalogue

Solutions for hazardous energy control.

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Learn more about all of the options for safety padlocks to choose the best option for your application.

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Lockout/Tagout Best Practice Videos

Watch our Lockout/Tagout Training Programme.

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Optimise Lockout/Tagout with shadow boards

Dedicated Lockout/Tagout shadow Boards drastically reduce the time needed to look for the right tools in the workplace.

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Lockout/Tagout Software

Visualise and Manage your Safety Procedures

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See how our customers benefit from the use of Brady Lockout/Tagout Solutions:

loto case study ontex

Efficient maintenance in a safe way

Ontex Buggenhout can now efficiently communicate the use of optimal lockout-tools in step-by-step machine-specific lockout procedures, illustrated with photos taken on-site.

Easy compliance with the approved procedures increases maintenance safety, speed and efficiency. Management can easily edit, approve and communicate changes from a central, digital location.

Read the full story from Ontex
loto case study chocolate

Quickly and easily use Lockout/Tagout

The large chocolate producer’s employees now always have Lockout/Tagout solutions within reach to protect themselves during machine interventions.

The Lockout/Tagout padlocks, decives and accessories, as well as the tags, are presented on large, highly visible shadowboards on 5 locations in the factory.

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loto packaging case study

Colour-coded SafeKey padlocks

Relevant employees can now safely service machinery by securing a lockout device on well-identified energy sources with their personal SafeKey padlock.

All teams use a specific SafeKey lock and key colour code so they can easily retrieve their locks and coworkers quickly recognise which teams are safely servicing machinery.

Read the full story from the packaging company