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Enable safer machine interventions

Implement world-class Lockout/Tagout with a global expert

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Maximise workplace safety, and protect employees with our complete Lockout/Tagout solution.
We work with manufacturers worldwide to optimise existing, and to implement new lockout programmes from scratch.

What is Lockout/Tagout?

Lockout/Tagout prevents workplace accidents by completely and temporarily isolating machinery from its energy sources. The procedure and related tools stop machine movement and premature machine energisation while interventions are ongoing.

Lockout/Tagout can effectively prevent maintenance accidents related to machine energy and moving machine parts. In addition, its visual presence in the workplace helps foster a strong safety culture aimed at sending every employee home safely, every day.


Draw inspiration from our free guidebook on how to best implement Lockout/Tagout.

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Expert guidance for your Lockout/Tagout needs


Efficient Lockout Program in 4 steps

Follow the best global practice plan for creating an efficient lockout/tagout program.

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Lockout/Tagout Compliance

Lockout/Tagout Legislation: respecting legal requirements.

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Lockout/Tagout Best Practice Videos

Watch our Lockout/Tagout Training Programme.

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A complete Lockout/Tagout implementation from A to Z

Optimise existing programmes easily, or implement world-class Lockout/Tagout from scratch with our complete offer. Anywhere you want to take your Lockout/Tagout programme, Brady can aid and support you.


Best-in-class procedures

Enable safer machine interventions faster, and with maximum confidence, using our Lockout/Tagout services. Brady Safety Engineers can visit your premises to identify all machine energy isolation points and create illustrated, machine specific, world-wide best practice Lockout/Tagout procedures for your approval.

Best practice Lockout/Tagout procedures guide employees through a series of steps to temporarily, and fully, isolate a machine from its entire energy supply, and to lock it in this isolated state as long as maintenance is ongoing.

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Block access to any energy control point

Access to any energy isolation point can be blocked temporarily with our complete range of dedicated Lockout/Tagout devices.

Energy isolation points may include fuses, buttons, valves, wheels, levers and other systems that control the flow of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, thermal, gravitational and stored energy, as well as liquids and gaseous chemicals, hot surfaces and substances. All of these can be turned off, and access can be locked while maintenance is ongoing.


Call us to provide the best solutions for your machine energy supply, or browse our comprehensive catalogue.

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Optimal procedure management

Stay in full control of your Lockout/Tagout procedures, even at multiple sites, with our LINK360 software. The process of managing, creating, updating, reviewing, scaling and communicating visually instructive lockout procedures becomes a matter of clicks.

Easily print your procedures and apply them to the right machine, or send them to relevant employee smartphones and tablets for step-by-step procedure compliance with our LINK360 app.

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Best safety padlocks in the world

Easily and reliably lock Lockout/Tagout devices in place, effectively securing a machine’s isolated state until all maintenance workers have finished their intervention. Brady offers quality safety padlock product ranges that can accomodate any Lockout/Tagout programme.

Our unique SafeKey padlocks for Lockout/Tagout offer 700% more lock and key combinations than other safety padlocks in the market. They enable elaborate, future-proof Lockout/Tagout programmes, are all key-retaining, and available in optimised versions that fully fit your Lockout/Tagout applications.

Discover all options in our padlock selector guide, or contact us to discuss the needs of your workplace.

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Safety is personal

A safety padlock is often the last obstacle between premature machine energisation and a maintenance accident with impact on personal and professional lives. We can personalise our padlocks up to printing someone’s picture directly on the lock to make very clear it is protecting a colleague’s life.

Reliable, long-lasting tags

Easily communicate about ongoing maintenance interventions with fully customisable tags for Lockout/Tagout. We can print and personalise any tag to a picture, an indication of who locked the flow of energy, a phone number, or even a date by when the intervention is expected to be complete. All desired data are printed on long-lasting vinyl tag material that can resist heat, dirt and a range of chemicals.

In addition, you can fully control tag printing with a practical InkJet Safety Printer at your premises to finalise partially printed or blank tag material rolls.

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Efficient accessories

Support the efficient use of Lockout/Tagout in your workplace with practical accessories. Hasps for example allow more maintenance specialists to add their safety padlocks to any Lockout/Tagout device. Custom lockout kits and pouches make standardised tool sets easy to carry, and easy to order anywhere in the world. And our lockboxes provide Lockout/Tagout security for large maintenance operations that may involve multiple work shifts from different teams.

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Highly visible tool distribution

Make all relevant Lockout/Tagout tools easily available in your workplace with custom shadow boards.

Shadow boards promote using the right solutions, and returning them to the right location after maintenance is done. They drastically reduce time spent looking for tools, and considerably increase the availability of Lockout/Tagout in the workplace. In addition, the highly visible Lockout/Tagout shadow boards help promote a safe working culture in any work environment.

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We are here for you

Wherever you want to take your Lockout/Tagout programme, Brady can guide and support you. Our complete Lockout/Tagout solution includes innovative padlocks with elaborate key planning, dedicated lockout devices, practical software and great services including energy control point identification and best-in-class procedure writing.

Discover our complete Lockout/Tagout Solution 

An experienced, global partner

Brady Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of Lockout/Tagout solutions. We work with both large and nimble companies to advance Go for Zero ambitions and compliance in workplace safety anywhere in the world. We offer our global experience back to our customers by harnessing all worldwide best practices and custom solutions in our Lockout/Tagout offer to help prevent any maintenance accident caused by machine energy or moving machine parts.

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See how our customers benefit from the use of Brady Lockout/Tagout Solutions:

loto case study ontex

Efficient maintenance in a safe way

Ontex Buggenhout can now efficiently communicate the use of optimal lockout-tools in step-by-step machine-specific lockout procedures, illustrated with photos taken on-site.
Easy compliance with the approved procedures increases maintenance safety, speed and efficiency. Management can easily edit, approve and communicate changes from a central, digital location.

Read the full story from Ontex
loto case study chocolate

Quickly and easily use Lockout/Tagout

The large chocolate producer’s employees now always have Lockout/Tagout solutions within reach to protect themselves during machine interventions.
The Lockout/Tagout padlocks, decives and accessories, as well as the tags, are presented on large, highly visible shadowboards on 5 locations in the factory.

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loto packaging case study

Colour-coded SafeKey padlocks

Relevant employees can now safely service machinery by securing a lockout device on well-identified energy sources with their personal SafeKey padlock.
All teams use a specific SafeKey lock and key colour code so they can easily retrieve their locks and coworkers quickly recognise which teams are safely servicing machinery.

Read the full story from the packaging company