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Safety is personal

See a face, not an object

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A SafeKey padlock is often the last obstacle between premature machine energisation and a maintenance accident with impact on personal and professional lives. Now you can print a face on SafeKey padlocks to make it very clear people are at risk when the locks are tampered with.

Fully personalised SafeKey padlocks


High level of customisation
add a photo, logo, text, serial number and much more!


Great visual impact
full colour print in high resolution directly on the padlock


Very reliable print
abrasion, chemical and UV-resistant, usable indoor

PrintFace animated GIF 

Personalise Lockout/Tagout padlocks


By label

  • Use the labels included with your Lockout/Tagout padlocks.
  • It can include the name of its owner and a phone number or any other information.

By engraving

  • Brady offers reliable laser engraving for all our Lockout/Tagout padlocks.
  • Ideal in abrasive or heavy industrial contexts.

By printing (PrintFace*)

  • Print a face or any other personalisation in high resolution directly on the padlock, because safety is personal.
  • Good in abrasive or heavy industrial contexts.

*PrintFace is exclusively available on SafeKey padlocks with custom keying or standard keying option.