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ISO 20560-compliant pipe markers

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ISO 20560 approved pipe markers

ISO 20560 pipe markers are globally recognised. The usage of pipe markers compliant to the ISO 20560 will increase your plant safety.

Those pipe markers are a combination of 2 colour zones:

  • the basic identification colour zone, in which you can put the content name and additional safety information, like pressure, temperature and speed
  • the safety colour to visualise increased risk, through the means on GHS/CLP or ISO-7010 warning sign.

Colour scheme & Warning symbols


Pipe content Colour
Basic identification
Water Green
Air Blue
Gas in either gaseous or liquefied condition Grey
Liquids and fixed materials Black
Alkalis Violet
Acids Orange
Firefighting medium Red
Hazardous Substances Yellow

Warning Symbols

The European Union requires dangerous substances to carry relevant GHS/CLP symbols to identify hazardous substances and inform users on these hazards. Other relevant symbols can be added, such as an ISO 7010 hot surface warning symbol. Relevant symbols should be grouped at one side and displayed on the yellow safety colour background.

Find all CLP/GHS symbols >>

Find all ISO 7010 warning symbols >>


Single pipe marker* 360° View* Min. Pipe Diameter (mm) Max. Pipe Diameter (mm) Width Basic ID (mm)**
A, A-Y A360, A360-Y 0 50 85
B, B-Y B360, B360-Y 51 100 85
C, C-Y C360, C360-Y 101 150 85
D, D-Y D360, D360-Y 151 300 120
E, E-Y E360, E360-Y 301 500 120
H, H-Y H360, H360-Y 500 3000 200

* Style A(360): Single pipe marker with 1 basic ID colour.
  Style A(360)-Y: Single pipe marker with 1 basic ID colour + yellow Safety colour.

** Width Basic ID: min. width specified by the norm.

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