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Intelligent manufacturing Complete Smart Solutions

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Our world-class technologies bring smart industrial data exchange to your operations — and the software needed to connect it all

We deliver the right hardware for your connected facility for when performance matters most. We are your single expert source for all your high-performance hardware and integration needs. Sure, you can use multiple providers. But no one delivers our combined expertise of Data and Interconnectivity, Production Flexibility and Printing, Barcode Scanning and RFID technologies you need to design the future of your facility. The expertise you’re looking for. From the name you know. And the people you trust.

Our experts are here to help enhance your global intelligent manufacturing operation.

The right tools to unlock the next level of productivity.

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Hassle-free, high performance industrial printer

High performance printers

  • Hassle-free industrial printers
  • Easier, faster, and more efficient printing solutions for all industrial applications
  • Simplified set up and user experience
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Comprehensive label offering

  • Hundreds of custom materials for any situation — specifically engineered for challenging applications
  • Your labelling work is our work, and has been for over 100 years
  • Specifically designed to withstand the harshest conditions with the level of detail you need to get the job done right
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Comprehensive label designed with custom materials
Optical barcode scanner

Optical barcode scanning technology

  • Rugged, industrial-designed scanners
  • Single and dual-field optical packages
  • Market-defining read performance on 1D, 2D, postal, and direct part mark barcodes
  • Patented barcode decoding technology
  • On-board scanner programming plus workflow management
  • Industrial protocol support (Profinet, Ethernet IP, OPCUA)
  • Easy-to-use SDK for fast integration into Android, iOS, and Xamarin
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High performance fixed and handheld RFID technologies

  • Largest breadth of RFID readers in the market
  • Diverse product, antenna, and communication versions for serving various applications
  • Cutting edge RAIN RFID reading sensitivity and reading speed
  • Comprehensive support for RESTful API, NUR API, LLRP, and MQTT
  • SDK’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, and various Linux platforms
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Man using Brady handheld RFID scanner
Durable handheld RFID scanner

RFID + labelling solutions

  • High-performance on and off-metal RFID labels
  • Temperature sensor tags
  • Superior reliability in many of the harshest environments
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Edge computing + hybrid cloud architecture

  • Local real-time data analysis
  • Integration plus data exchange with production systems
  • On-site data processing with the power of secure cloud access and remote administration
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Edge computing + hybrid cloud architecture
Mobility Solutions

Mobility solutions

  • Design. Preview. Print. All from your phone.
  • Get the flexibility you need, saving time and cost per job
  • Easily create, edit or import labels in the field, then print on demand
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The Brady Difference

  • Ruggedised industrial products
  • Streamlined inventory tracking
  • Work in progress optimisation
  • Enhanced integration to business systems
  • On-premise and cloud API support
  • Product and asset location tracking
  • Industrial control integration
  • Edge compute and data exchange
  • Scripting, workflow, and software solutions

Production Flexibility

Gain immediate insights into your production systems and shift productivity into overdrive.

  • Adjust easily to changing manufacturing demands
  • View up-to-the-minute production schedules and order throughput
  • Discover bottlenecks and issues to ensure on-time deliveries


Analyze real-time data across your operations to make well-informed decisions in no time.

  • Connect business and process systems
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources into a single ecosystem
  • Access historical information for trends and analytics
Intelligent Manufacturing Sphere

Real-time is the real deal

Intelligent Manufacturing solutions give you the visibility and flexibility you need, so you can avoid the problems you don’t.


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Give every asset a unique digital identity

With RFID labels, assets can be given unique, digital identities that enable you to identify and locate them all at once, from a distance, in real time, without needing line of sight.


How did other companies benefit?

What could RFID mean for your business? How to optimally leverage its power? Which efficiency gains does this technology have in store? Fuel your imagination and tune in on how other businesses benefit from giving every asset a unique digital identity.

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