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Product identification solutions

The importance of professional labelling

For every identification challenge, even in the most complex industrial environments, specific identification labels have been designed that can durably identify cables, components, parts, products and facilities. One label will be the ideal solution for any specific need. The main challenge is selecting the right label for specific applications in specific contexts.

Why Brady

When temperature, chemicals, pressure or friction make durable identification difficult, and when identification is critical for safety and efficiency, Brady responds with expertise, material science knowledge and hassle free label printing solutions to answer your identification challenges.

Importance of professional labelling

Durable identification labels can be of great importance for traceability, troubleshooting and safety purposes in a wide range of industries:


  • trace part history, lifespan and supplier
  • fully comply with customer requirements
  • intercept counterfeit parts


  • mark parts or cables for upcoming maintenance
  • get insight into how an installation works
  • easily refer to specific components and parts


  • warn employees and contractors for any danger
  • communicate proper safety precautions
  • prohibit the use of certain tools or devices

Imagine how much time or money could be saved, or how many workplace accidents could be avoided, when critical information is applied where it is needed, on a durable label that stays attached and remains legible.
This is when durable labels pay off.

Expert Guidance on your Product Identification Needs


Durable identification labels guide book

This Durable identification labels guide book supports industries in choosing the ideal label for their identification needs.

Download the durable identification guide

9 production identification challenges solved

Products and components often have several distinct identification challenges. This means a variety of identification solutions are needed.

Download the identification challenges guide

Request a Sample

Request a free sample to test our safety and identification solutions in your specific working environment.

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Complete Solutions For Your Product Identification Needs


Full and durable track & trace

Brady offers the scanners, printers, apps and labels you need to implement a reliable track & trace solution in challenging environments.

Track & trace solutions
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Fully automated labelling

Our complete and reliable labelling solution for printed circuit boards can automate traceability and generate smart manufacturing data about your SMD production lines.

Label automation

Easily store and retrieve information on any object or machine

Scan a Bleam Code printed on our reliable, industrial grade labels to retrieve or store important information on any object or machine.

Learn more about Ubleam

Any label you need, we have it!

Durable label constructions and identification solutions can resist extreme temperatures, chemicals, pressure or friction.

Custom labels
Pick the best label - Application

Choose the best label for your working environment

Brady’s brands of labels that are geared toward applications where high performance, durability, industry compliance, and adherence to specifications are requirements.

Label brands

RFID Label Solutions In Aerospace

RFID Integrated Labels provide the entire aerospace ecosystem with a cradle-to-grave data management and lifecycle visibility solution for aircraft items and components.

RFID identification solutions

Circuit Board Labels

You're trying to keep a multi-million dollar electronics production line running smoothly and profitably. Your identification technology should not be your top concern. That's why we make it ours.

Shop Circuit Board Labels