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Durable label constructions and identification solutions can resist extreme temperatures, chemicals, pressure or friction. These tested labels enable more workplace safety, better troubleshooting, complete traceability and other identification advantages in challenging applications and environments.

Every surface, any environment

Even complex surfaces in challenging industrial environments can be durably identified with a professional identification label. We use material science, expertise and worldwide experience in a great number of industries to develop identification labels that stick on clean, rough, oily and powdered surfaces, and that remain legible when exposed to extreme temperatures, chemicals, abrasion and pressure.

Your identification label

Industries with identifcation challenges can contact Brady to find a durable solution. Customer service and R&D teams can propose a standard label or research and construct new labels to solve unique identification needs. Available customisable label components include:

  • label materials
  • adhesives
  • topcoats
  • laminates
  • sizes
  • colours
  • shapes
  • layouts
  • pre-prints

Option 1: We shape, we print

Need millions of industrial grade labels? Have them digitally printed at any Brady factory in high resolution photo quality. RAL, Pantone and other colour codes can be specified. Print tolerances up to 0,1 mm enhance the full colour quality of small and complex texts, company logo's, barcodes and pictograms on our reliable labels. >> Learn more

Option 2: We shape, you print

Experience all the advantages of flexible, on-site label printing on demand. Insert a standard or custom industrial grade label cartridge or roll in your label printer, design your label with Brady Workstation apps, print and apply. Or connect to your ERP and have your labels printed and applied automatically in real time. We offer a range of possibilities with one aim: to get you any label or sign you need in seconds. >> Learn more

Option 3: You shape, you print

Need something special? How about the ability to print reliable, multicolour identification labels and give them any shape you need, when you need it? Easily identify small volumes of products or components with labels you can shape and print on-site. >> Learn more