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Label your facilities into shape

Increase facility efficiency and safety

Maintenance Visuals Guidebook

Facilities are among companies' most important business assets, so are you still making the most of them? Are they maximised to support your needs and goals? Brady offers all of the solutions, and the know-how, to label your facilities into shape - with some extras, all from a single source.

Quality solutions, expert guidance

Brady offers a wide range of reliable identification solutions to increase the efficiency and safety of any industrial facility. Along with these solutions, we bring worldwide facility identification insights, best practices, standards and regulatory compliance to your doorstep, so you can apply the best identification solutions in the best way, with a single supplier.

Optimise safety & Maximise efficiency

Use reliable floor marking, pipe markers, safety signs, tags, spill control and Lockout/Tagout to visually and effectively optimise safety in the workplace. Guide, inform, caution and protect coworkers, counter risks and avoid accidents to send people back home safely, all while considerably contributing to facility efficiency and effectiveness.

Fully support professionals on the workfloor with clear instructions printed on your signs and labels. Enable them to easily find the tools they require, and know these are in working condition. You could even include passive RFID antennas in any label to fully optimise tool tracking, inventory audits and item picking.

Floor marking


  • create safe walkways
  • separate motorised traffic

  • Efficiency

  • create designated spaces for carts, storage and equipment
  • enable 5S and Lean applications

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    Safety signs


  • offer clear prohibition, mandatory, warning, evacuation and fire response information

  • Efficiency

  • visualise information from safety documentation in the workplace

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    Pipe marking


  • visualise hidden pipe contents to caution and inform coworkers

  • Efficiency

  • support maintenance with clear source & destination information

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    Lean labels


  • provide on-the-spot optimal work instructions
  • enable 5S and Lean applications

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  • avoid maintenance accidents by isolating machines from their energy supply

  • Efficiency

  • enable efficient, uninterrupted maintenance operations

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  • guide workers to the right tools to protect their safety

  • Efficiency

  • increase tool and equipment availability in the workplace

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    Visual tagging


  • identify equipment that is considered safe after inspection

  • Efficiency

  • make sure provided equipment is in optimal working condition

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    Spill control


  • avoid slips & falls
  • avoid environmental damage

  • Efficiency

  • absorb spills before they spread uncontrollably
  • avoid spills from interfering with operations

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    Inspection timers
    Brady Inspection Timer 


  • enable coworkers to see the safety status of machinery

  • Efficiency

  • visually alert maintenance on pending interventions

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    RFID labels


  • check machine temperature or other sensor-readable safety conditions from a distance

  • Efficiency

  • increase picking efficiency
  • optimise track & trace
  • enable fast inventory audits

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    Print at your premises

    Easily print most identification solutions at your own premises. No need to wait on deliveries or to store large amounts of printed solutions, when a set of blank label rolls and a versatile safety printer have got you covered. Our accompanying Brady Workstation software keeps your solution future-proof with regular updates to stay safe, efficient, and compliant with the latest standards and regulations.

    DIY solutions 

    Fast machine interventions

    • prepare fast machine interventions by identifying all machines and tools with industrial grade labels that can be barcoded with a Brady Label Printer to unlock additional information when needed
    • have label barcodes link to approved, machine-specific, step-by-step maintenance instructions in our LINK360 software and app.
    • set up machine or area specific tool shadow boards to have relevant tools within reach
    • add machine safety signs and area specific signs that clearly communicate risks and countermeasures to help prevent accidents during maintenance operations
    • neutralise machine energy during maintenance with Lockout/Tagout to avoid severe injuries
    • quickly stop and remove the occasional spill with fast absorbing spill control solutions that are easy to dispose of