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Identification & Workplace Safety Solutions

Identify and protect people, products and places,
even in the most extreme conditions

Identify & Protect

When performance matters most, Brady protects and identifies people, products and places with reliable solutions for mission critical applications in harsh environments.

Our solutions help customers increase safety, security, productivity and performance and include high performance identification labels, safety & facility identification products, printers, software, lockout/tagout and spill control products.

PID solutions

Product identification

To identify, trace or protect products and components, Brady offers reliable labels that resist extreme temperatures, fire, oil, chemicals, solvents, abrasion and weathering. They are ideal for asset tracking, component/equipment identification, rating plates, barcoding or printed circuit board identification.

Solutions for your product identification needs >>

WID solutions

Wire & Cable identification

Brady cable & wire identification solutions have withstood the most demanding industrial environments in the world, and beyond. Even when launched into space, our labels stay in place to clearly identify cables and wires.

Brady labels are compliant with many global quality requirements, and our R&D department is always ready to rigously test our identification solutions against industry specific requirements.

Solutions for your wire & cable identification needs >>

workplace safety

Workplace Safety

By printing your own signs, labels and tags on demand, you have the power to create a leaner, safer and more productive workplace.

Solutions for your workplace safety identification needs >>

Lab solutions

Laboratory identification

When it comes to reducing errors in your lab to improve productivity and efficiency, you need durable labels and an inventory management system you can trust.
That’s where we can help. Brady is your reliable partner with full solutions in lab identification and specimen tracking. We’re hard at work in labs every day, saving samples from faulty and illegible labels and helping to improve operations.

Solutions for your laboratory identification needs >>

DIY solutions

Print your own - DIY solutions

With professional safety & facility identification printers & software from Brady, you can take full control of your workplace identification to quickly comply with national and European safety requirements, to make it safer and more efficient in line with 5S and lean manufacturing.

Solutions for your DIY printing needs >>

Labelling Automation & Integration Solutions

Labelling Automation and Label Printing Integration

Automated labelling can significantly increase the speed at which products, components, cables and even laboratory samples can be identified. It enables you to comply with traceability requirements, while protecting profitability.  

Solutions for your label automation needs >>

RFID Labelling

RFID Labels / Smart Labelling

Track assets and manage inventories more efficiently in complex industrial environments with fully customisable RFID labels that can fit any surface. Let us design the optimal RFID labelling solution for you with select antennas, chips, label material, adhesive and print.

Solutions for your RFID labelling needs >>

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