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Fast server cable patching

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Quickly recognise the right hardware for fast and error-free data centre interventions. Rely on our industrial grade labels that remain legible, and stay attached to any cable, disk, panel, rack, router, switch and server.

Solve identification challenges

  • Many labels detach when exposed to heat from electronic devices. Brady labels are designed to stay attached.
  • Noisy, hot or cold room? Get labelling done fast with highly responsive 'drop-lock-print' portable label printers.
  • Moving a server? Easily remove, replace or reprogram the label.
  • Easily create server port labels that fit 100% using Brady Workstation software for label design.
  • Remove all guesswork with properly identified ports and cables.

Fast reconnects at all times


Enable skilled technicians to connect cables to the right ports in 2 seconds. Not a single cable will require manual tracing during installations, troubleshooting and network refreshes, when identified with reliable Brady labels. Our labels stay attached and remain legible, and are available in all shapes, sizes and colours.

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A complete data center identification offer

Our complete data centre identification offer includes reliable labels for UTP cables, fibre optic cables, electrical cables, racks, servers, routers and switches, and the solutions to print them at your premises or on the go.

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Data Centre Identification Guide

Data centre identification guide book

Immediately recognise every cable, server and component

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10 Time Winners with Brady Brochure in English

10 Time Winners in cable identification

When used correctly, professional cable & component identification can help you save a lot of time.

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Identify any Cable & Component guide book

Ever lost time figuring out where each wire goes? Download this guide!

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TIA-606-C labelling standard guide book

Everything you need to know about complying with the latest TIA-606-C labelling standard

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