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Fast electrical cable identification
during data centre construction

Case study

Brand/Besamandla is a specialist electrical engineering contractor that provides comprehensive services to the industrial commercial and infrastructure sectors for the past 50 years. The company serves a range of industries, from government entities to blue-chip clients, mining companies and property developers.

Challenge: Fast and reliable cable identification in a range of colours

Brand/Besamandla needed a reliable identification solution fast to keep data centre construction in Cape Town on schedule. The solution had to be easy to use and available in a range of colours to distinguish quickly between identified power cables. In addition, Brand/Besamandla needed to secure approval from their customer for any identification solution used.

Solution: Easily printable and reliable cable tags in multiple colours

Brady proposed B-7643 halogen-free tags and B-7696 vinyl sleeve inserts. B-7696 was offered in green, yellow, white, and a custom pink colour. Brady placed samples on an overview board and supplied technical data sheets for each solution to facilitate approval from Brand/Besamandla’s customer.

For extra identification flexibility, Brady offered the BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer and the BMP71 Label Printer that can both print the B-7643 and B-7696 label materials.

The BradyPrinter i3300 Industrial Label Printer can print B-7643 and B-7696 in bulk and at great speed at the construction site. The system is completely hassle-free, and easy to use. Label data can easily be imported to enable fast bulk prints and a full range of tags, self-adhesive labels and sleeves can be printed to identify cables. Additionally, the BradyPrinter i3300 also prints asset labels and safety and facility signs. Label materials can be switched and ready for printing in 20 seconds, thanks to auto-calibration and automatic label setup initiated by label consumable smart chips.

i3300 printer
B-7643 halogen-free tags

The BMP71 Label Printer is the ultimate Brady Mobile Printer. It prints die-cut or continuous labels, including custom and preprinted labels, up to 50.8mm wide. A complete keyboard enables swift typing with both hands and a large full colour screen offers a complete label preview.

B-7643 halogen-free tags are thermoplastic, polyether and polyurethane cable markers that meet the requirements of a halogen-free material per IEC 61249221 (2003-11). In case of a fire or high heat, the tags will not produce harmful halogen gas. B-7643 is available in white, red, yellow, orange and black.

B-7696 inserts are vinyl multipurpose sleeve inserts that can be used for a variety of identification applications. They meet the flammability performance requirements of UL94V0.

Results: No cable identification worries

Brand/Besamandla does not waste time worrying about cable identification solutions. Brady has their back with reliable tags, labels and printers, on-site training and technical support and a large portfolio and stock to meet any emerging identification challenges, anywhere in the world.