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Faster interventions. Tighter security.

With reliable labels that can be enabled with RFID

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Enable fast and accurate hardware interventions with reliable identification labels that can be embedded with RFID. Neatly identify racks, servers and ports, or take identification one step further to enable automated inventories, single server home-in, secured data and enhanced equipment safety.

Fast and accurate interventions

Neatly identified assets nullify all potential confusion, even amidst numerous servers and times that many cables. We offer a wide range of on-site printable labels that can identify any data centre asset to support fast and accurate hardware interventions.

Easily create labels with Brady Workstation apps and our label printers that perfectly fit port widths, or print a label with metal nameplate look to identify your racks with a punch.

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In. Out. High speed interventions.

What if you could check server room inventory in seconds, and home in with sounds and visuals on that specific server that requires an intervention? Our RFID labels and readers can make that happen.

We offer both on- and off-metal RFID & NFC technology, embedded in our reliable labels, to quickly locate spare and active hardware, to access relevant maintenance histories and intervention guidance, and to easily log any intervention in centralised systems.

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Integrated security and detection

Our RFID labels can also secure data and enhance equipment safety. The technology cancels the need to print labels with potentially sensitive server identification data. Instead, those data can be secured on RFID chips that enable encryption and user specific access layers.

In addition, notifications can be set up whenever a labelled server leaves or enters a specific server room. And with integrated sensors, RFID labels can even be used to detect coolant leaks and server overheating.

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Keep all assets identified

Brady labels stay attached and remain legible, even when exposed to server generated heat. They are tested using internationally accepted ASTM-methods and can be equipped with RAIN RFID technology and ETSI-compliant bandwidth, NFC technology, and dual frequency (RFID & NFC), all with on- or off-metal read range. Because of their reliability, Brady labels are used in large, edge, and small data centres worldwide.

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