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Save time with automated
cable identification

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If you’re still using old technology, the time to get work done seems to disappear. Old processes slow you down, rework creates bottlenecks and errors can bring things to a full stop. Help keep things running smoothly by automating your identification. Brady offers a family of print-and-apply machines that take the manual labelling process out of your hands so you can move through your work more efficiently and with less rework. With these modern automated machines, you can:

  • Increase productivity - cut labelling time in half to keep your output numbers high
  • Reduce errors - get sustainable, consistent identification without the rework
  • Make changes fast - intuitive full-colour touchscreen and user interface make changing settings easy

10 seconds faster per cable

Wraparound & flag labels can be applied up to 10 seconds faster with Brady's automated cable identification solutions.

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Great reliability

Dedicated labels are available for maximum reliability when using Brady's automated identification solutions. The labels themselves are of great quality and can resist challenging industrial environments. All identification materials have been tested using standard ASTM test methods for optimal reliability as described in the technical datasheets.

Outstanding support

  • Easy label and sleeve design support is available via Brady Workstation software that come with a 30 day free trial period. Features include adding text, symbols, serialisation, barcoding and much more.
  • We also offer great technical support via customisable service agreements which can include on-site installation and setup of solutions, preventive maintenance, training and fast response.
  • Brady’s in-house laboratories rigorously test our solutions. Our in-house lab scientists can offer test results on request or test new label requirements when relevant

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Save time and improve your production output with automated cable identification.